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The world’s first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. Miessence products are certified organic to international food standards! The ingredients in Miessence products are so pure, you could literally eat them. 

How safe are the ingredients used in your current brand of skin care products? How certain are you that they do not contain chemicals that could be harmful to you and/or your children?

      • The average adult uses 9 personal care products daily exposing them to 126 chemicals every day.
      • One third of all personal care products contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens.
      • 89% of 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have NOT been evaluated for safety.
      • Over the last 30 years, only 9 of those 10,500 ingredients in personal care products have been banned or restricted.

In an industry that is largely unregulated, Miessence has set an unprecedented benchmark of quality by producing products that are guaranteed to be of an organic food grade standard.

You can be assured of this from the seals of approval displayed by two of the world’s leading independent certifying bodies. This is your global guarantee of the authenticity of our claim of truly natural and organic products, which no other manufacturer has achieved. Miessence has an unwavering commitment to the health and vitality of our customers and to the sustainability of our earth’s natural resources.

We warmly invite you to be part of this mission by converting to our products. We trust that you will enjoy the purity and integrity of Miessence and encourage you to continue your journey towards true health and beauty by experiencing our products for yourself.