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Environmental Impact

Miessence is committed to providing exceptional home, health and body products that support the health and vitality of our customers and the planet. Our sustainable approach for sourcing raw materials respects, supports and nurtures the ecology and energy of the planet, our customers, and the indigenous people who labour to grow our pure ingredients.

We are the world’s first certified organic skin care, personal care and nutritional products company to be carbon negative!

As the debate on climate change and carbon emissions continues, we believe that responsible companies shouldn’t just stop at simply reducing their own carbon emissions – something Miessence has been doing for years – but take action to move towards a carbon neutral world. With every purchase of Miessence products, you’re actually helping the environment by taking excess carbon out of the atmosphere.

Miessence has extended our partnership with Greenfleet, a leading conservation organization in Australia that provides practical ways for people, businesses and organizations to prevent and minimize the greenhouse gases they produce. Greenfleet works to create forests in areas of environmental concern, putting back (where possible) the mix of native species that would have been present in the local area prior to land clearing, and now has in excess of 6 million trees growing to capture carbon on behalf of its supporters. Science shows that 17 mixed native species of trees will help create a forest. As they grow whilst absorbing greenhouse gases, these trees will also help tackle salinity, improve water quality and provide habitat for native species.

Packaging Integrity

Our packaging materials fall under the organic certification standards for our products (i.e. PVC plastic is not permitted as dioxin is a by-product of its production) and we use both glass and plastics that most councils recycle. We have for some time been researching the possibility of utilizing bio-degradable plastics made from starches such as corn & potatoes. Since 2003 we have been using a product packaging filler made from these substances and during 2006 we have been researching a possible alternative to petro-chemical plastic for our bottles & jars, that would breakdown in landfill and therefore be part of the world’s waste problems solutions. Various packaging and display solutions are emerging from this research & development and the possibility that suitable bottles and jars for all our products will be available in the next few years is very promising.

No BPA, Phthalates – No PVC – Non-leaching Polypropelene – Protective Vacuum Seal – 100% Recyclable – Non-toxic


A concern is the amount of greenhouse gases we emit as we deliver many products worldwide to our customers homes & retail outlets. As a company that has firmly put our principles into practice with our products, we decided during 2006 to engage the not-for-profit organization Greenfleet to calculate our freight emissions and in turn provide the service of planting trees on our behalf, which would offset our impact on the environment.


The same CO₂ pollution applies for our production facility. To counter this we now pay a premium and source wind-powered electricity through the grid. This is made possible through our local energy provider. By using electric forklifts and machinery run on compressors that all run off this green renewable energy, we can claim zero emissions from our manufacturing.

Greener Offices

While we have goals for a greener premises in the future, ONEgroup currently offsets our plant and offices, as well as our events and promotional tours with tree planting to make our day to day business activity carbon neutral. Conscientious use of recycled materials and use of electricity are promoted and observed throughout our operations.

Little Steps – Big Changes

Here are ways we conduct business to lighten our carbon footprint so that all of us can enjoy a healthier and more beautiful world. We:

  • Consistently work to exceed regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Look for new ways to eliminate or minimize the effects of pollution on our world.
  • Utilise raw materials, water and energy in the most efficient ways.
  • Work with only certified organic and environmentally responsible suppliers and sub-contractors wherever practical in order to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Regularly monitor and audit our environmental performance with third-party certifiers.
  • Consistently work to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and distribution processes where practicable.
  • Have become a carbon negative company through the purchase of carbon credits exceeding our usage.
  • Implemented a waste minimization programme involving recycling strategies and providing segregation of wastes needing disposal.
  • Continually train company personnel to implement environmental management techniques effectively.
  • Take education seriously and regularly educate customers and alliance partners to promote the principles of sustainability wherever possible so that everyone can collectively make a positive difference in their health and the future of the environment.
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