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Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (or ONEgroup) is an Australian based company who creates and manufactures the world’s first Certified Organic skincare, haircare, personal care, health care and cosmetic products. ONEgroup’s range of products stand in a class of their own by being independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world’s most respected organic certifying organizations, namely, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM (Europe).


To be an outstanding enterprise of inspiration, conviction, and integrity that is a force for change towards ethical and ecological business practices while making a positive difference in the lives of our Independent Representatives, customers, employees and their families throughout the world.


An innovative product range of unrivalled purity and effectiveness combined with an ethical, unique and versatile business model that rewards all those associated with us through a financially stable, soundly managed company.


The ONEgroup logo incorporates the Company symbol, the Bodhi Leaf. The Asiatic fig is known as the Bodhi Tree (bodhi = being awake, enlightened, supreme knowledge) or ficus religiosa – Latin for sacred fig.

The simplicity of a single leaf resonates with ONEgroup’s philosophy of minimal processing and cold formulation of ingredients – a true legacy of the beautiful colours and fragrances nature has provided in the plant kingdom and the healing properties that are hidden within. Importantly, the leaf compliments the message of Certified Organic.

The almost heart-shaped profile of the Bodhi leaf has symbolic parallels with love, truth and happiness. The leaf also symbolizes enlightened business practice and vision to ONEgroup. We seek better products, a business model and business practices that retain their “organic” standards, are consistent with environmentally sustainable principles and add value to the community and to all people associated with ONEgroup.

Success Story

The ONEgroup story began with a shared dream and passion for the health of people and the planet. The founders Narelle Chenery, Alf Orpen and John Hunter combined their own unique talents, expertise and experience to form Organic & Natural Enterprise Group. ONEgroup has committed years to researching and developing a range of unique, winning product formulas. ONEgroup’s certified organic personal care range is unique – the world’s first extensive Certified Organic personal care range, certified to International food standards.

It is a combination of truly pure products and ONEgroup’s own unique Business model & Compensation plan that has proven so rewarding to many people around the world. In the first 18 months ONE Group’s sales grew by 2500% in Australia alone. ONEgroup’s Multi-Channel model is truly unique and inclusive, incorporating: network marketing; retail; health and beauty professionals; home presentations; e-commerce and a fundraising strategy. ONEgroup founders have hands-on involvement and together have built a unique Community environment, while encouraging financial success and personal satisfaction.

With the inspired vision and strong cooperative spirit among their highly experienced Management Team, Staff and Representatives, ONEgroup’s sales have grown a staggering 3000% over the past 2 years! The company is debt-free, and has budgeted for significant development and expansion in the coming years. All formulas are proprietary and are produced in their own manufacturing facility.

ONEgroup’s groundbreaking efforts & success have created a grass roots education movement about organic, green and healthy alternatives. The shared dream to give back and help people and the planet has been realized.


Narelle Chenery

Narelle is at the forefront of product research and development, creating what most proclaimed impossible, a certified organic range of skin care products. Narelle is “The Green Goddess.”

Education is the key to empowering consumers to see through the ‘greenwash’ of slick product marketing to recognize products for what they really are. Misleading labels and clever advertising relating to organic content often mask the use of potentially toxic ingredients, which seriously undermines the integrity of the organic claim.”

Colin Chenery

Colin is co-founder of the Miessence®, MiVitality® & MiEnviron® ranges.

“We are developing ONEgroup into a world leading organic lifestyle company and empowering business builders in key markets all over the world. We provide innovative products and business practices based on the values of sustainability and integrity with nature and the human spirit. Our Representatives and customers gain profound personal benefit from our products and business building, and gain a vehicle for contributing to the wave of change at a critical time for our environment and planetary responsibilities.”

Alf Orpen

Alf has 20 years’ extensive business experience in the organic industry throughout the USA, UK, South-East Asia and Japan.

“It is a common cry of many scientists and economists that within the next 20 years we must implement a strategy to create an ecologically sustainable world and business is the most powerful vehicle to expedite that outcome.”

Revolutionary Products

Legal requirements are being implemented internationally for organic products, which creates an exciting window of opportunity for ONEgroup Representatives. Developed in Australia, the ONEgroup range of products is independently certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to the highest international food standards. From 21st October 2002, following a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ruling, ONEgroup has the first skin care range that meets the USDA requirements for organic food products. In 2002, ONEgroup was awarded an Australian Federal Government grant to develop the world’s first organic color cosmetics. The Intellectual Property for all skin, hair, body, oral care and cosmetic products is owned by ONEgroup.

Certified organic products that contain absolutely no synthetic chemicals are exactly what today’s health-conscious consumers are seeking. The Miessence brand is associated with wonderful skin care, hair care, body care and cosmetic products and includes two labels that comply with international organic labelling requirements. Miessence “certified organics” products contain between 95%-100% certified organic ingredients and no synthetic chemicals. Miessence “organics” products contain less than 95% certified organic ingredients, that is, more than 5% non-agricultural ingredients (i.e. sodium bicarbonate, clay, mineral pigments). These products still have extremely strict processing criteria.

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