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Social Responsibility

At ONEgroup we believe that what goes around comes around and one of our paths of giving back is our support of the David Suzuki Foundation, to help further their work in preserving our environment.

David Suzuki Foundation

We chose the David Suzuki Foundation for two reasons. Firstly we admire David himself as a responsible scientist in today’s world community. And secondly, that since 1990 the David Suzuki Foundation has worked through scientific research and education, to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. As people in business, we know that our economy is totally dependent on our ecology and not the reverse. Just after David’s final visit to Australia, he wrote in a letter to us “…you at ONEgroup have put your money where your words are. I thank you for your generosity…thanks for helping us carry on.”

“Solutions are in our nature.”

At ONEgroup we understand the principle of ‘no margin, no mission’. That is, we operate on a profit; otherwise we could not contribute in such a manner. To get a glimpse at the wonderful work of the David Suzuki Foundation, go to

Pampering in war-torn Uganda

Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war and the deadly AIDS epidemic. Approximately 2 million children in Uganda have been orphaned by these calamities. Currently there are 880,000 Ugandan children living as orphans as a result of AIDS …and Watoto Childcare Ministries is reaching out to help.

Watoto was created to provide holistic, residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children with the core vision to rescue a Child, raise a Leader and rebuild a Nation. ONEgroup Executive Terri Rowe has helped facilitate a program to provide skills, medicine & pampering to women in war-torn Uganda. ONEgroup donated a variety of Miessence products to Watoto on their recent trip to pamper the house mothers of Watoto Orphan Villages. Narda Bradshaw from Watoto Child Care Ministries wrote the following letter to Terri:…


Dear Terri

Thank you for all of the products that your company graciously donated. My team of 19 ladies ministered to 3 different groups during our 2 weeks in Uganda. The first 60 were a small part of the Living Hope ministry in Kampala. These women are Hiv+ and are being sponsored by Australian women to help in the purchase of anti retroviral drugs. These women attend meetings every month to help build self esteem, morale, confidence and purpose in God’s world. We spent 4 days sharing sewing skills of children’s clothing and home furnishings and craft skills of card making and cross stitch and jewellery making. Our final day was a day of pampering. My team divided into 4 groups for pedicure manicure, facial and shoulder and back massage. The second group of 80 were also part of this ministry but located in Northern Uganda in Gulu; 95% of these women are returnees from the war with the LRA. They have seen and experienced so many atrocities but welcomed us to pamper them. We were amazed how they received our gesture of love and acceptance. Many may never have known physical touch in a loving and gentle way. It was a wonderful time not only for them but for my team also. All of us were truly blessed. The third group we pampered were the Watoto village mothers. We spread this over 2 days so we could bless all 210 mothers. These women truly play an amazing role each mothering up to 8 children. It was a privilege to pamper and encourage them and to esteem their womanhood. Overall, in four days we pampered 315 women. Thank you for your generous contribution. We were able to leave resources for their future use. Each of us were privileged to be hands of blessings. May God richly bless you.

Narda Bradshaw
Watoto Child Care Ministries (Australia) Change Your World Tour

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