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Business Opportunity

Would you like to work with a highly principled, mission-oriented company having a positive effect on the health and well being of others, as well as the environment?

Are you looking for a home-based business that will give you more time to pursue your dreams and allow you to spend more time with family and friends?

There is a unique opportunity for motivated people like yourself to share in our rapidly growing success and to benefit financially while helping others create the healthy and sustainable lifestyles they desire.

Multi-Channel Enterprise

To promote Miessence in the market place, ONEgroup has developed a professional business model known as a Multi-Channel Enterprise (MCE). The purpose of the MCE is to allow committed individuals who share in ONEgroup’s vision and are passionate about promoting Miessence products, to build a sustainable home-based business to support themselves financially.

The foundation of the MCE can be found in the Network Marketing model, which allows people the best opportunity to create wealth with their time and effort involving very little financial risk, however it is much more than just traditional network marketing. Its application also translates into retailing, but once again it is more than just mere retailing. It incorporates the best elements of marketing and distribution, combining ALL forms of direct sales and traditional retailing channels with specific criteria for each. The wonderful part is, that it is now evident that all these methods can coexist and in fact, flourish together. The benefit to you is that you have more options and greater flexibility in how you can build your business. To better illustrate the concept of the MCE, let’s look more closely at traditional marketing and distribution systems such as retailing and network marketing and then compare the differences to ONE Group’s MCE.

Traditional Retailing
Retailing is the last commercial link in the marketing channel and the point where products finally reach their users. Retailing includes all activities directly related to the sale of goods or services to the ultimate customer for personal use. For example, it includes the movement of products from the manufacturer to wholesalers, warehouses, shippers, advertisers and retailers before ever reaching the consumer. The cost of all these activities (including in-store retail advertising and promotions) is normally passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

Traditional Network Marketing
Retailing is the last commercial link in the marketing channel and the point where products finally reach their users. Retailing includes all activities directly related to the sale of goods or services to the ultimate customer for personal use. For example, it includes the movement of products from the manufacturer to wholesalers, warehouses, shippers, advertisers and retailers before ever reaching the consumer. The cost of all these activities (including in-store retail advertising and promotions) is normally passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

ONEgroup Advantage

What makes ONEgroup’s MCE inherently different from other systems? What gives ONEgroup’s MCE the advantage over traditional network marketing? We think the answers can be refined into the following four key points:

  • It is symbiotic in nature (allows all methods to co-exist – networking, retailing, fundraising).
  • It encourages a truly entrepreneurial spirit.
  • It allows all those involved to benefit from what they bring to the business into perpetuity.
  • It allows all to flourish without discrimination.

Accordingly, ONEgroup’s MCE has been designed for you to incorporate the best elements of marketing; combining all forms of direct sales and traditional retailing channels. We are confident that it’s the best method to date that not only allows us to penetrate the market economically with our products, but also generously rewards those that help achieve this. So, with ONEgroup’s MCE, you now have unprecedented autonomy and flexibility to market Miessence products directly to all key channels of the skin and personal care industry. Based on your level of passion, priorities and commitment to time, you have the ability to decide how hard you wish to work on developing your own ONEgroup MCE, and be rewarded accordingly for your efforts.

Marketing Strategy

At ONEgroup you will find that our approach to promoting our products and business opportunity is very different to most other companies you might have experienced before. We do not advocate any forms of deceptive, misleading, or dubious advertising and/or label claims. Nor do we condone any form of secretive, manipulative, high pressure or hype driven sales tactics. In contrast, it is our experience that the single most effective sales and marketing philosophy has, and continues to be, one of respectfully educating people about better choices and then letting them decide for themselves. We recognize and acknowledge that whilst the organics movement is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it is still not for everyone.

However, with mounting evidence and media awareness, there are huge numbers of people becoming increasingly concerned about their health and, these people are now beginning to question the integrity of the products they use and the companies that make them. In addition, there are a growing number of people who are now looking for a part-time/second income that offers them greater flexibility and time freedom, along with the satisfaction of being associated with a company that is truly making a positive contribution to the lives of others and the ecology of our planet. This is precisely where you can assist us in achieving our vision and at the same time be generously rewarded for your efforts.

The Potential

Becoming an Independent Representative of ONE Group, will allow you to:

  • Earn a growing income on a monthly basis.
  • Spend more time with your family and friends.
  • Choose your own hours and working days.
  • Have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.
  • Help improve our environment, locally and globally.
  • Meet other ethical and highly principled people.
  • Help your favorite school, club or organization achieve their fundraising goals in a sustainable way.

The level of income earned depends on the commitment, effort and the time invested in your business. The seamless compensation plan allows you to build an international team with unlimited rewards. View the Compensation Plan for more information.

“I have been involved with direct sales and network marketing for over 15 years and was thrilled to find a company whose compensation structure rewards Representatives at all levels of achievement, whether new to the industry or accomplished. For conscious, caring individuals who wish to take control of their financial future while making a real contribution to our planet, there couldn’t be a better time – or opportunity than with ONE Group.”

– Glen Martin, Senior Executive

The Investment

You can become an Independent Representative with a minimal financial investment. Below are the joining fees for each country and also the annual renewal fees which are to be paid each year that you are with ONE Group. The fees cover the cost of providing an online office with all the tools necessary for building a successful home-based business.

  • $40 if the initial order is less than 300 Points.
  • $20 for a FastStart order of 300 – 599 Points.
  • FREE with a Super FastStart order of 600 or more Points.
  • Annual Renewal – $25. Waived if the Representative is on BP for 10 of the previous 12 months.

Full Training Support

ONE Group offers complete training and support in the form of in-person, online and phone seminars, newsletters and updates, sales & marketing materials, your own personalized ONE Group website, product brochures, catalogues and promotional items. You will have access to support from your sponsor (the person who introduced you), up-line leaders, the web and the corporate office. As an Independent Representative you will be able to enter the “MiAccount Area” of the Miessence website. In this area, you will have access to: training materials, order forms, marketing tools, press releases, business card templates and much more.

Lavish Organics Team

As your sponsor, I will also be offering you whatever support you need. I will be available for any questions you have about products, the business or anything that you are unsure about. Becoming a member of the Lavish Organics Team, has the following advantages:

  • The Lavish Organics website as a resource for yourself, your customers, your MiSpa guests and your team.
  • MiSpa bookings generated by the Lavish Organics website and my customer network (will be offered by geographical location).
  • Your own page on the Lavish Organics website where you can promote your business (with a link to your personal online store).
  • Your contact information listed on the Contact page as a ONEgroup Independent Representative.
  • Your contact information listed on the Your Certified Organics Products website.
  • Personal business coaching from someone who has a formal education from Canada’s premier undergraduate business program.
  • Teaching strategies on how to educate your customers based on real-life teaching experience.
  • Advice on how to categorize and file your invoices/receipts to keep you organized.

I will be there for you no matter what! Starting your own business may seem daunting at first, but with some hard work, passion and dedication, you will be on your way to success.

Miessence Alliance

In addition to the support from both ONEgroup and myself, MiessenceAlliance is also there to assist you. It is a social networking site available for all ONEgroup Independent Representatives to share ideas, ask questions and work together to foster synergy. Created and moderated by Erin Ely (Executive Independent Representative for ONEgroup), it provides an “open-source” forum for everyone involved with the company to collaborate in growing the ONEgroup business together. Miessence Alliance is a worldwide online community that is all about helping representatives succeed in their Miessence businesses in a non-competitive environment.

If you are an Independent Representative and would like to join this social network go to: Create a profile and send in a request to join. Once you’ve created your free Miessence Alliance profile you can: contribute to ongoing discussions where you can ask questions or add information, get to know other Miessence Alliance Representatives through their profiles or shared interests and you can also view videos, photos & blogs.

Interested in Joining?

This truly is a rare opportunity to combine your interests and values with making a successful living or boosting your existing income. You can feel good offering the purest, most effective personal care and health products on the planet. I sincerely invite you to consider this rare opportunity to join my dynamic team of motivated individuals and take advantage of ONEgroup’s current international expansion.

Please read through the Terms & Conditions for Independent Representatives and Affiliates before joining. Contact me at anytime. I would be happy to walk you through the process!


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