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Certifications FAQ

Why are two of the products (Herbal Shampoo, and Body Wash) only 73% organic?

To be certified organic, 95% of the ingredients must be certified organic. Currently, the “foaming agent” is not and it makes up about 27% of the product. The “foaming agent” we use is “polyglucose”. Coco polyglucose is a “non-ionic surfactant” (foaming agent) synthesized from coconut and glucose from corn. Polyglucose has excellent dermatological compatibility. It is very mild on the skin. Based on the Duhring Chamber Test it has the lowest irritation score of all common surfactants tested. It is free from ethylene oxide, which can cause nitrosamine contamination, and free from preservatives. It also has a very low environmental impact due to:

      • High bio-degradability – It breaks down readily.
      • High eco-toxicological compatibility – It doesn’t harm the environment if released.
      • It is manufactured from completely renewable vegetable raw materials.

It is very good, however it is still not certified organic. ONEgroup will do better. They are working on replacing it with a certified organic “foaming agent” of similar functionality, but it takes time. Rest assured that as soon as they have a certified organic replacement that works, they will introduce it.



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