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Environmental Impact FAQ

Is the cardboard packaging of your products made of recycled materials?

Our cardboard boxes are part virgin part recycled. Fully recycled boxes can’t be sealed with tape, as the fibres are too short and the tape won’t stick to it.

What is the ‘fill’ used to pack the boxes made of?

The loose fill protective packaging in your box is manufactured from Australian grown wheat. It is reusable, compostable, and will disintegrate quickly when in direct contact with water, so it can be flushed down the drain or the toilet. We recommend placing it in your compost, as it breaks down readily and can be reused to nourish the earth from which it came!

Why type of plastics do use? Is it safe?

The grading used for plastics is a universal system used to sort plastics in terms of their ability to be recycled and is based on the type of plastic used. We use a couple of different types of plastics in our containers. These are:

      • PET – which has a rating of 1
      • HDPE/LDPE 50/50 blend – with respective ratings of 2 and 4

The varying nature of our range of products requires different plastics with different qualities. Bearing this in mind, our company continues to seek packaging solutions that are highly recyclable or biodegradable if possible. We use plastic in the bottles that are used in the shower recess, for the safety of our customers. We use the hardest, food grade, recyclable plastic, PETE (1), which does not leach undesirable contaminants into our products.

Are your plastic bottles recyclable?

Yes, they are 100% recyclable.

Besides sourcing organic raw materials for your product, how else do you support the environment?

We are pleased to say our entire operation, including our overseas freight and director’s promotional activities are carbon-neutral. We have committed to this, whilst we work diligently to reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. Our packaging (both glass and plastic) is recyclable. We have absolutely no harmful waste released from our factory into our waterways via drains. All of our cardboard and paper is reused and recycled, both within our office, and after it leaves our factory. Our promotional literature is printed on recycled paper.

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