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ONEgroup/Miessence FAQ

When was ONEgroup founded?

February 2003.

Who are the founders of ONEgroup Pty Ltd.?

Narelle Chenery, John Hunter, Alf Orpen.

Are Miessence and ONEgroup the same thing?

Miessence is a brand that is sold through ONEgroup.

How do you pronounce miessence®?

The correct pronunciation of miessence® is “MY-ESSENCE”.

Do you own ONEgroup?

No. I am a Miessence Independent Representative. I sell Miessence products, but I do not own ONEgroup.

Do you own Lavish Organics?

Yes. Lavish Organics is my home-based business, through which I sell Miessence products.

I have heard of the brands MiEnviron and MiVitality. Are those brands part of ONEgroup?

Yes. MiEnviron is the label used for ONEgroup’s household products. MiVitality was formerly used for ONEgroup’s health care products. However, ONEgroup now uses the brand Miessence for their health care products.

Where does Miessence come from?

“The “Mi” actually came about as a “my”, but the spelling didn’t look right! I was actually singing Franks Sinatra’s “My Way”, when the name came to me. The “essence” alluded to my true nature.. from the dictionary…the basic, real, and invariable nature of a substance, containing its characteristic properties in concentrated form. So the products are created from my essence… from my love and wish for them to invoke the highest good in those that use them.” – Narelle Chenery

Where are the ONEgroup headquarters?

ONEgroup headquarters are in Australia.

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