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Pregnancy & Children FAQ

Which products are the best for pregnant women’s stretch marks?

The Belly and Breast Balm was created especially for this purpose. The Intensive Body Cream is also beautiful for a pregnant woman’s expanding belly. The Ambrosia Essence could be used in addition to these products due to it’s nourishment and the support it imparts to expanding skin!

Can I use Miessence products on babies and children?

Yes. Miessence products are not only gentle and non-toxic, but they will help nourish your children’s skin. However as with any product, please pay close attention to any signs of discomfort or reaction.

Do you have any products which will assist with childhood eczema?

  • In-Liven has been shown to improve skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Intensive Body Cream will help to sooth the skin while adding plenty of moisture.

I have purchased your Buzz Free Zone (USA) / Bushflower Body Spray (CAN) insect repellent. Is this safe to use on a baby?

It should be gentle enough, but definitely avoid the face. Pay close attention in case it does not agree with their skin though.

Which toothpaste would you recommend for children?

The most popular Miessence toothpaste with children is the Anise Toothpaste.

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