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Products FAQ

The questions below are about the products in general. For more specific questions about certain product lines, see the following pages:

Who develops and produces the products?

ONEgroup develops and produce the majority of its products at its own manufacturing facility located in Queensland, Australia.

Why do your products have an expiration date?

Although not required by law for products with a shelf life longer than two and a half years, ONEgroup provides this information as a guideline for freshness.

The aroma of the products is quite different to what I expected. Why?

The organic, fresh herbal aromas of our products often stand in contrast to the perfumed and artificially scented products that line store shelves today. Once you acclimatize to the natural beauty of the aromas of Mother Nature you will never be able to walk down conventional skin care aisles again without being repelled by the synthetic chemical fragrances. Some of our customers experience this amazing transformation in as little as one week.

Should the products be refrigerated?

No, refrigeration is not necessary, although the products do need to be kept out of direct sunlight and in cool conditions. The ideal conditions for the products are normal ambient temperature (around 15-20°C or 60-70°F). Our freight providers do not courier in climate-controlled vehicles, so the products have been tested to withstand short periods of extreme temperatures (between 0°C-50°C or 32°F-122°F), which emulate year-round international shipping conditions, and will remain stable and continue to fulfil their intended function.

What does the Jar Symbol on the product label mean?

The “period after opening” symbol (represented an open jar) indicates the period of time the product should be used up after opening, with the period given in months, abbreviated to “M”. This will ensure you are using products that are at their most potent and beneficial to your skin, hair and body. (i.e 6M mean you should use up the product within 6 months after opening.)

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