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Cosmetics FAQ

I am salicylate intolerant. Can I use the Jaffa Lip Balm?

It contains avocado and oranges, which have high salicylate content. Research indicates avocado oil or orange essential oil do not contain salicylates. However, we would advise that you consult a medical professional before using it to be safe.

I am concerned about nanotechnology. What is the particle size of the minerals you are using?

The average particle size of our iron oxides is 1.3 microns, which is much too large to be considered a nanoparticle. Nanoparticles are less than 100 nanometres…. very very small! We use minerals to color all of our cosmetic products.

What is the SPF of the foundations?

Although our foundations contain zinc oxides, which provide protection from UV radiation, we cannot claim an SPF on our products because they are not listed with the TGA.

Does the foundation stay on for a long period of time or does it need to be retouched every so often?

Under normal conditions it should stay on all day.

What is zinc oxide and is it safe?

Zinc oxide (zincite) is a naturally occurring mineral that provides a white colour base for our cosmetic products as well as providing superior sun protection with broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) absorption. It is a soft, heavy white mineral powder that creates a soothing, protective barrier for the skin, and it recognised by the TGA as a skin soothing and healing agent. It is eminently safe!

Why does it say ‘+/-‘ iron oxides for some of the Miessence cosmetics?

The “+/-” indicates “more of / less than” iron oxides. For example, the foundations are all basically the same formula but as the product gets darker (from porcelain through to almond) there are ‘more of’ the iron oxides that give the product its color.

What is mica?

Mica is a natural mined mineral with high light reflectivity properties. It is used to provide slip, light reflection and shimmer in cosmetics. Mica is used in our Translucent Powder, Bronzing Dust, all three Shimmer Crèmes, and all three Satin Blush Powders.

Why do you use zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica in your products?

We use minerals to provide coverage and color in our cosmetics. There are no relevant health concerns if the products are used for their intended purpose. Zinc oxide, iron oxides and mica are claimed to be harmful to the immune system, respiratory system and reproductive system if they are ingested. But if we use some common sense…. they are similar to crushed rocks. If you eat them, they will cause damage and pain. As would eating any rock particles! Respiratory damage can occur in industrial situations where workers are exposed to massive amounts of particulate matter in the air they breathe. This is taken care of in our factory by vacuum extractors. It is not relevant for consumer application. They are certainly not the hazards they are purported to be under normal conditions of use. Having said that, they are not foods, and aren’t metabolized, they are earth minerals, and shouldn’t be ingested.

Are your zinc oxide and iron oxides in your makeup line naturally mined or synthetically products?

Naturally mined iron oxides are not allowed in cosmetics, due to their high level of contaminants. Ours are highly purified, refined oxides that are man-made.

Are the Miessence foundations non-comedogenic?

Yes, the foundations are non-comedogenic. They will not block your pores, or cause breakouts.

Will you be coming out with a RED lip crème?

Unfortunately there are no natural, organic pure red colourings available for something like this. The only options are using crushed bugs (cochineal) and toxic FD&C colours, which we won’t do.

Do you use coated minerals?

No. We do not use minerals that are coated with aluminium compounds, silicone compounds or titanium dioxide.

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