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Skin Care FAQ

Are the Exfoliant particles spherical?

The particles used in the Garnet Exfoliant are alluvial garnet particles and are great for thorough exfoliating. These are not perfectly spherical, they are irregular in shape. Their surface is smooth and hard, not sharp or brittle. The jojoba beads are spherical and softer than the garnet, which is great for sensitive skin.

Why don’t the mineral masks have an expiry date?

The masks will keep, unopened, for more than 30 months. In this case, expiry dates are not required. We recommend that once the mask has been opened, that it is used up within 30 months.

Does shea butter clog pores and result in acne?

Absolutely not, shea butter in non-comedogenic; it does not cause clogged pores or acne. Shea butter is a beautiful, healing butter that promotes the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

The masks contain kaolin clay. I thought this smothered and weakened the skin. Can you please clarify?

All of our masks contain clay. As clay dries, it attracts and absorbs impurities from the skin. It not great to be left on the skin all day, as it would dehydrate the skin, but it is very effective for the cleansing purpose it is intended.

Do the skin care products penetrate to a cellular level?

It is theoretically possible for lipophilic (oil soluble) substances with a molecular weight less than 500 Daltons to pass through the skin. The components of essential oils used in our products fall into this category. M. Rieger, J. Riviere and J. Faucher have published a number of papers on skin penetration and the various factors that influence it. Penetration may proceed transcellularly (through cells); intercellularly (between cells); or through so-called shunts, I.e., holes in the membrane, such as sweat ducts and hair. All the research on skin penetration primarily looks at the effect of synthetic chemicals. We haven’t been able to find any scientific studies on skin penetration and food-based ingredients, although there is plenty of cultural and anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of food ingredients on the health and beauty of the skin.

I have acne, which products should I use?

The Purifying Skin Essentials Pack: Cleanser, Skin Conditioner and Moisturizer, in combination with the Garnet Exfoliant, Purifying Mask and Purifying Blemish Gel. The daily regime should include:

– Cleansing
– Skin Conditioning
– Treatment with Blemish Gel
– Moisturizing

For the first week, include daily exfoliating and masking. For the second week exfoliate and mask every second day, for the third week every third day and so forth until you are exfoliating and masking just once or twice a week to keep the skin clear. Depending on your individual health – metabolism, eating habits, and medications – some people experience a detoxification once they start using organic products. You may see a worsening of symptoms before things clear up. This means that your body is simply eliminating the toxins stored in your body over time. Human skin cells are renewed every 4-5 weeks, which should give a good indication of the possible duration of your ‘detox’. The products should not dry your skin out.

I have psoriasis, which products should I use?

Either the Rejuvenating or Soothing Moisturizer would be suitable. If the skin is still dry, I suggest mixing the moisturizer in the palm of your hand with a few drops of either the Rejuvenessence or Ambrosia Essence, which will provide extra nourishment. Using the Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist during the day will soothe and hydrate your skin. We also suggest In-Liven to recolonize your intestinal tract with healthy bacteria.

I have eczema on my body, which products should I use?

Eczema is an external symptom of an internal condition. A visit to a health practitioner to address the internal cause of the eczema would be advised. The Intensive Body Cream and Soothing Couperose Gel will help to soothe and soften eczema. We also suggest In-Liven to recolonize your intestinal tract with healthy bacteria.

I have rosacea, which products should I use?

I would recommend our Soothing Cleanser, Soothing Skin Conditioner, Soothing Couperose Gel to calm redness, and Soothing Moisturizer to soothe and protect. The Purifying Blemish Gel would be appropriate if it develops into inflamed acne, and the Soothing Mask would gently soothe and tone irritated skin. Miessence skin care is suitable for the most sensitive skin. We also suggest In-Liven to recolonize your intestinal tract with healthy bacteria.

What is the strong herbal aroma of Ambrosia Essence?

As you have noticed – the Ambrosia Essence is not a perfume. It is a very potent herbal concoction designed to impart the highest benefit for the skin. Organic unrefined tamanu oil has a strong aroma, but the benefits far outweigh any unpleasantness of the aroma. Tamanu oil is pressed from the dark chocolate-brown kernels of the Tamanu tree that grows profusely along the coastline of the Pacific Islands. Tamanu oil possesses the unique capacity to promote cicatrisation thereby improving the appearance of wounds and healthy skin alike. It is used widely in the Pacific islands as a folk medicine, and is applied liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, abrasions, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, diabetic sores, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, and eczema. Most people who have used it find it quite appealing in its raw naturalness. Ambrosia Essence is an extremely potent combination eight highly effective herbal and flower extracts to soothe, tone, and renew the skin.

I just started using Miessence skin care, why am I breaking out?

It is not unusual to experience a period of detoxification when you first start using Miessence. Because Miessence skin care supports the natural eliminatory functions of your skin, without subjecting it to further toxic overload, your skin will breathe a sigh of relief, and will naturally begin to eliminate accumulated toxins from past products. Skin cells are renewed every 4-5 weeks, depending on your individual health, metabolism, and eating habits, so in a month or two, you should have glowing “Miessence®” skin.

Which product would you recommend to slow wrinkles or crow feet around the eyes?

The Firming Eye and Neck Serum.

I just started using the Soothing Couperose Gel on my broken capillaries and now they are worse than ever, why is this?

This occurs because the herbs in the formula are stimulating blood flow again. The area becomes temporarily flushed with blood before it can move freely through the area. The redness will subside; the time frame depends on each person, and the strength and elasticity of your capillaries.

Serums are usually used before moisturizers, yours are used afterwards, why is this?

It’s all in the definition. The ‘serums’ in other ranges are water-based pre-moisturizer treatments, which is the function fulfilled by skin conditioners and gels. Our definitions of serums are thick, nourishing oil-based products which are used after moisturizing to lock in moisture and protect the skin.

I have extremely dry, mature skin and I am finding that the moisturizers are not sufficient to keep my skin moist.

I would suggest drinking more water, hydrating your work and living space by having a bowl of water in the room, use the Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist regularly, apply the Rejuvenessence Facial Serum over your moisturizer, you may like to even carry the moisturizer around with you so you can reapply it if necessary. Air conditioning or heating will dehydrate the skin, keep that to a minimum. Increase healthy essential fatty acids (like flax seed oil) in your diet to keep your skin supple and moist from the inside and nourished and feed the skin at night with Rejuvenessence.

What can I do to tackle freckles?

I would suggest creating a very small daily fresh batch of an infusion of ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) dissolved into water. Soak a cotton wool ball wipe it all over your face. The vitamin c will slowly bleach the skin and will also contribute to collagen synthesis so new skin will be formed. It is a long term solution, not a quick fix.

Why should you not use a metal spoon when mixing a mask?

The clay minerals contain metallic minerals and it is good not to interfere with the magnetic frequency of the minerals which are highly beneficial in the mask that’s why we recommend that you mix with plastic or ceramic, don’t contaminate it with other metals.

I’ve heard bad things about grapefruit extract. What can you tell me about the one you use in Rose Monsoon?

We have been aware of this Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) issue for some years, and had independent laboratory tests for synthetic preservative contaminants undertaken on the GSE we use, and ours is free of contaminants.

How many roses are in a bottle of the hydrating mist?

The Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist contains the equivalent of 45 organic roses.

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