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Miessence Hair Detox Guide

“Bombarding your hair with commercial shampoos and styling products to try and rejuvenate stressed strands actually has the opposite effect – it makes it worse,” says Miessence co-founder, Narelle Chenery. “That’s because most hair care products contain silicone derivatives (dimethicone, cylcomethicone & any chemical with ‘cone’ in it), which coat your hair in what is essentially plastic. It makes it look shiny at first, but it’s actually weighing hair down and causing damage over time.”

Switching to a natural shampoo and conditioner will help de-stress your tresses and restore a healthy balance to the scalp.

“It won’t take long before your hair and scalp regain natural shine and bounce with just minimal maintenance – so you can spend your precious spare time outdoors instead of in the bathroom!” You may experience a hair detox for the first few weeks if you have been using hair care with silicone derivatives. Miessence Shampoos will not foam and the hair care will not work effectively until you have removed this coating by detoxing your hair.

Hair Detox

Miessence shampoos will work most effectively once you have removed the damaging chemical coating with a detox program. Try these simple steps to achieving shiny healthy hair, naturally:

      • Switch to Miessence shampoo, which will gradually remove the silicone derivatives over time. Use Miessence Clarifying Hair Rinse to speed up the process.
      • Make your own detox solution: combine 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups bicarb soda. Pour in a bath, hop in and soak your hair in it.
      • Combine a small amount of bicarb soda with Miessence shampoo and wash hair several times to strip off excess oil and chemicals.
      • Make a paste using a Miessence Mineral Mask and Miessence shampoo and wash hair several times.
      • Help untangle knotty hair during the detox process with Protect Hair Repair.

While your hair is detoxing, it may feel dry and knotty. This is normal, as the hair is eliminating the silicone from your hair. Once they have been dissolved, you will find our shampoo foams and your hair is silky and soft.

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