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Miessence Cosmetics Guide

Join Narelle Chenery as she walks you through the simple and effective method of applying natural, petrochemical free Miessence Translucent Foundation, Concealer, Mineral Foundation Powder, Shimmer Crème, and Mascara to the face. Watch and see how you can achieve Narelle’s smooth, lovely look in just minutes!


Color Guide

Translucent Foundation – The translucent foundation does not offer complete coverage. The color base of the translucent foundation is a warm, golden hue. It is not pinky orangey, it is a warm yellow based golden color, except for the cool complexion. It allows your natural completion to show through and it evens out your skin tone. Zinc oxide provides UV protection, since it is a physical blocker. ONEgroup cannot claim SPF for this because they have not tested and registered it yet.

Concealers – A perfect harmony between warm and cool complexion. They are a neutral mix between warm (yellow) and cool (blue). For the Translucent Foundations, the color range is from fair to medium. There is a larger color gap for the concealers and they are a neutral tone, not a warm tone. The concealers contain zinc oxide. Use the concealers before the foundation. If you want complete opaque coverage, you should use the mineral foundation powder over the top. Use different methods of application. Try with a brush, sponge or wet sponge for even better coverage.

Translucent Power – You are not getting coverage with the translucent powders. They are basically just for those who want a matte appearance. The liquid foundations provide a natural sheen for that dewy completion. If you want a matte complexion, you can use the translucent powder. There is oil absorbing cornstarch and mica that gives it an iridescent finish, not a tacky sparkle. It is an iridescence, a luminescence on your skin. The translucent powders offer a matte coverage with the beautiful rose essential oil.

Bronzing Dust – This gives you the natural sun kissed glow. Do not use a sponge or you will look like a harlot. Use a brush to apply a fine brushing of your cheeks, forehead and chin. It has cornstarch to take away the shiny, oily sheen on your face. The cornstarch’s purpose is to absorb and the mica is for the lovely iridescence sheen. You can apply it on your neck, arms and shoulders for evening wear.

Mineral Foundation Powders – There are two types of mica: sparkly mica and sericite (matte) mica. The sparkly mica is in the translucent powder and bronzing dust. The sericite mica is in the mineral foundation powders. It’s the physical structure of the sheets that reflects or absorbs light. The sericite mica gives you a matte appearance with better coverage, but it reflects the light. The nature of the flakes are basically like leaves that rub over each other and still allow your skin to breath, perspire, respire and do all of it’s normal functions. They do not clog the skin pores at all.

They do offer sun protection. In fact it has the highest level of zinc oxide that can be used in a product, 25%. It has a very high content of zinc oxide which will offer excellent sun protection. To get sun protection, you will need a film/coverage so you have to apply it to the opaque level, not just a brief dusting, otherwise it will not give you a sunscreen effect. If you apply it with a sponge you will get sunscreen effect.

You can use it over the foundation for greater coverage or alone. For people with oily skin, the mineral foundation powders are brilliant because they basically matteify your skin by giving you that opaque appearance and absorbs oils as well. All of the dry colors look much lighter in the container because when they react with the oils on your skin they become dark. The colors are deceptive. As a matter of fact, all our cosmetic colors look deceptive.

Blush Powders – Basically there are three color families: cool is blue based, this is the Desert Rose, silk and satin. The silk has the sericite mica which is matte, day time use and the satin uses the reflective mica, shimmer for night time glamour. Apricot due, warm yellow based reds. Ginger blossom is neutral. The minerals are used to reflect the light giving a refined appearance. They do not sit in the pores, they act as a sheet crossing each other and reflect the light.

Lip Crèmes – There are dark and light lip crèmes in and three color families, each with dark and light hues. The difference between the dark and the light is the amount of iron oxide pigment and zinc oxide. The more zinc the lighter the product is:

      • Cool Blue: Plum (dark), Grape (light)
      • Warm Red: Melon (light)
      • Cool Brown (blue based brown): Nutmeg (light)

You can mix and match them. They are intense colors that are not sheer. They are highly pigmented. They are creamy and nourishing for your lips. These are great for beauty therapists to apply with a brush. We do not have a stick form because we use beeswax and it is too soft, therefore we cannot get hard wax in organic form. We don’t have the machinery to create the lip stick shape. It is in the plan for the future.

Shimmer Crèmes – The shimmer crèmes contain jojoba oil, beeswax, mica (sparkly) and iron oxide. Natural iron oxides come in black, yellow and red. That is why we do not have any bright colors. The shimmer crèmes are deceptively dark in the container. Organic vanilla extract and organic beeswax is used.

      • Cool Red: Berry

The shimmer crèmes look darker than they look on the skin. You need to apply them. They are actually really translucent colors and not dark at all. Try everything…you might be surprised.

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