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Here some testimonials submitted to ONEgroup of customers who have had great experiences with Miessence products and are happy to share their stories. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please feel free to contact me or click here to send one directly to ONEgroup.

For specific product range testimonials, see the following pages:

I’d like to let you know that after several years of working in the cosmetics and skincare industry (licensed esthetician and makeup artist) and having my skin and body become more and more sensitive to and irritated by conventional cosmetics and body care products, finding Miessence has been such a wonderful thing. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the skin care and body care and my husband is coming around too (he just told me yesterday that “normal” toothpaste tastes foul to him now)! The deodorant is fantastic, the mascara is lovely and gentle, the body wash smells delicious and leaves my skin soft and calm. The hair care products are why I made the switch in the first place and I am so glad that I have, my skin is feeling so much more calm and less sensitized, and all the products that I have tried really do what you say they will. Thanks to you for making these life changing products and for upholding the standards of organic skin care that works! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Diane.

Our search for the best face health is over. After years of suffering from extreme skin health issues my daughter was diagnosed with Multiply Chemical Sensitive Disorder and Contact Dermatitis which causes allergic reactions to all chemicals, synthetic fragrances and pesticides. After searching for several years she finally came across Miessence. Relief came after only one day of use and this is the only product she trusts for her skin and hair care.
Susan Harris

I love that you do trial sizes! I sent my Mum some trial sized products as a birthday present about a year ago. She was a long term customer of very expensive cosmetic houses and I wanted to try to convert her to chemical free products. She then told me the products she specifically liked from using the trial sizes. Since then she always requests larger sized bottles of your products for Xmas or birthday and your products have replaced the expensive chemical filled products of well known cosmetics houses. Your online delivery is really good and I love that it only takes me minutes to buy Mum’s gifts these days!

I have been using the Balancing cleanser, Moisturiser and Firming eye and neck serum and in just under a month I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. After reading how “clean” Miessence products are on the I wanted to check them out and I’m so happy I did. I also tried the Concealer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Repair, Deodorant and Shimmer Creme. All were great, but the deodorant did not work for me and the Shimmer creme was a lot darker than pictured. Although, for ordering product sight unseen on the internet I’m extremely happy with most of my purchases and I have just placed my second order to try some other products. I wish more consumers and manufacturers realized the importance of clean products and what they can do for you externally as well as internally. It really does make a difference what you put on your skin (your largest organ!). I’m now a huge fan!!!
Anne H
United States

Hello Narelle and all you wonderful people at ONEgroup. I have just been trolling though the testimonials and found there are not many on BERRY RADICAL I wonder if people are trying to keep it a secret – because it is such an amazing product. I have been having my daily “hit” of Berry Radical everyday – rarely miss out and I have not had one sniffle since the day I started.In the past I would get at least 3-4 colds a year, since Berry Radical – not one. I work on a minesite and commute 3 hours by plane 4 times a month – that is 12 hours couped up with everyone else’s bug circulating – not one sniffle. I have also taken a number of overseas and interstate trips – not a sniffle. Last flu season I survived my daily clinics at work with some pretty nasty flu bugs doing the rounds – not a sniflle. Of course I also take my daily IN-LIVEN which is of course a factor and use ALL of the other products – so my system is not being bombarded with chemicals. On a recent overseas trip I forgot pack my TOOTHPASTE and had to resort to a well known brand – after a week my teeth had a film over them. I could go on a lot more,but I’m sure you get my drift. I CAN’T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT ONEgroup – I love everything about it. An ever faithful customer for life.
Ann Alexander
WA, Australia

I don’t know where to begin! I have been using the miessense products as well as the In-Liven for a little over a year now. I have had cronic fatigue, heartburn, stomach issues for over 8 years. I have seen steady progress in my digestive tract. I have been able to exercise and lose weight. Which I could not do before because I was to weak. I am able to tolerate gluten at low levels know. And my iron levels have gone up dramaticly. I have had anemia for as long as I can remember. As for the skin care. I have always been sensitive to putting anything on my body. I just never felt comfortable intutively. When I came in contact with your skin care it was as if my body was having a party!! For the first time I was drawn to using skin care. And I know it was not just an infatuation because I feel the same way everyday!! ( as I said before it’s been over a year) I get sooo excited to put on my products. I feel like a kid in a candy store !! Thanks you so much my body and I are truley grateful.
Michele Bush
United States

I just wanted to let you know how I went with using the Reflect Outdoor Balm on my one year old daughter Ami’s eczema as you suggested. I have also started using the Sunflower Body Wash in her bath as well. I would say that the Reflect Outdoor Balm has definitely made a difference and has helped dry up her eczema. She had it quite badly under her chin, where the baby skin folds. I applied it once in the morning and again after her bath at night before she went to bed and it has nearly all gone. All the angry redness is no longer there and it dried it up really well. You were spot on with your recommendation, so thankyou and I will share this info with my friends and family. I also absolutely love the Biopure Probiotic Household Cleaner, what a brilliant concept to put ‘probiotics’ into a cleaner instead of nasty anti-bacterial chemicals which are not keeping us healthy but making us sick. I can now clean my home, baby high chairs and toys in confidence with something that will fight the bad bacteria, leave a layer of good bacteria and not leave a toxic film on everything. It removes oil and grease and seems to have kept the ants away too for some reason? Just brilliant!
QLD, Australia

I am a 39 year old mother of 2 and the last thing I have time for is hair and skin. A friend put me onto miessence about six months ago and I would never turn back. I have long, thick hair that requires no styling, I have tried all the salon hair products but found after time they leave my hair feeling dry and I need to start using leave-in conditioners and more products to fix the last (a viscious circle). Since I have been using “Desert Flower Shampoo” and “Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner” I have not required another hair product, my hair feels awesome all the time. I get comments, truly!!! People notice how shiny and healthy it looks. For the full organic experience I also exfoliate with Garnet Exfoliant, which leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and silky to touch. I love the Mint Toothpaste. It leaves my teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean, with no chemical aftertaste. Yes!! This toothpaste does brighten your teeth with regular use, according to my husband. I enjoy using my miessence products. It’s a real treat for me and I look forward to that all organic super clean feeling. Thank you miessence.
WA, Australia

Absolutely brilliant products ! I know you will know it but…….. Your products are absolutely wonderful, the ordering is so (too) easy ! Delivery and packaging are excellent and fast. I would also like to say that all containers are pretty and very easy to use, please do not change the design of your containers – brilliant. I read about miessence in the AWW
Alison Lee
WA, Australia

Hi! I’ve been using several miessence products for about half a year now, and I just wanted to say how wonderful I think they are. Concerning the health and appearance of my skin, using miessence was definitely one of the best choices I made. Thank you for making that choice possible for me!

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent miessence products – after seeing them featured on TV recently, I purchased the toothpaste, Freshening Mouthwash and Rejuvenating Moisturiser from a Pharmacy in Sydney. What amazing products – the moisturiser has made a difference to my skin in only 2 days! I will gradually add new products to my collection over the next few months. It is great to have a range of beauty products that are not full of chemicals – I suffered cancer last year and am determined to go organic and chemical free to give my body the best chance of recovery. THANK YOU!
NSW, Australia

Japan is in the middle of summer now, we are having strongest ultraviolet rays everyday. Having ‘Bihaku(ultimate porcelain-white spotless)’ skin is Japanese women’s common ideal skin. However I’d like to have lustrous tanned skin. I am about 40 years old but Berry Radical is helping me to have young and beautiful tanned skin. This is my favorite recipe for Berry Radical; 1 Sachet of Berry Radical, Some Soy milk, 1-2 Tea Spoon Beet Sugar(or honey) 1. Mix Berry Radical and Sugar beet, add a little bit of boiled water to make a paste. 2. Pour Soy milk into paste. Add some ice cubes to cold drink.(use warm Soy milk in winter season) When I have this special drink in the night, I have really lucent skin next morning. Even I have suntan with my skin now, I don’t feel my skin is dry and even my spots are diminishing(After start using ‘Probiotic Skin Brightener’, my spots are diminishing). I also use my special recipe of Berry Radical mask once a week. I mix one sachet of Berry Radical with ‘Rejuvenating mask’, ‘Rejuvenating Facial serum’ and ‘Rose Monsoon Mist’. Then apply it on my face(exclude eye zone) and have a bath. This special mask is also my recommendation. Please try both!
Yasuko Hirose

Several years ago I started to develop Roseacea. Every skin care line I tried either made it worse or didn’t help. It was so bad I couldn’t use cleansers-I would rub olive oil on my face to take off makeup. My skin was swollen, red and irritated all the time. I found about 6 months ago I was allergic to wheat, cow’s milk, corn, and soy. I also found out I was allergic/intolerant of food preservatives such as MSG. Eliminating them from my diet helped improve my skin about 50%, but I was still missing something. I was reading on an alternative health website about all the chemicals in skin care, and I had one of those “AHAH” moments! If I couldn’t tolerate chemicals in food, what about what I was putting on my face? I contacted Ms. Vanessa Comley and she told me about truly organic skin care. I switched to miessance skin and body care. Within 3 days I could tell a noticeable improvement in my skin. After 6 weeks the Roseacea was almost gone. 6 months later I am getting so many complements on my skin! I used to have to wear mineral makeup all the time because my face was so red and irritated. Now I can go without makeup or just use a little. I can touch my face and feel smooth skin. As a registered nurse, I found the official medical literature offers little hope for people suffering with Roseacea. For me, managing the food/chemical allergies and switching to totally organic skin care was the answer!
West Virginia, USA

I have been with several popular skin care companies in the USA through the years, most recently the top, fastest growing, and miessence surpasses them all in superior quality and effectiveness! There is no comparison. After I apply the Rejuvenating Skin Essentials Pack set to my face, along with the Rejuvenessence Facial Serum, and the Firming Eye and Neck Cream, I feel like I stepped into a silk glove! At age 56, it is the best! I also must say, the BioPure Household Cleaner is wonderful. It cleans mirrors, walls, floors, sinks, and does not leave streaks or residue. It smells great and the concentrate goes a very long ways. The spray bottle is so easy to handle! And with 3 cats and a dog I love dearly, I don’t have to worry about their paws picking up toxic residue from cleaners I use on the floors. Again, I have tried other organic cleaners and this tops them all! The miessence lipstick is also incredible. Makes my lips feel soft and smooth and a healthy “plump”. Like they are getting fed nourishment. I will never use a regular lip stick ever again. You have made the best! The miessence Sunflower Body Wash is yummy! Smells terrific and is invigorating to the senses. Suds nicely, rinses off clearly, and leaves you feeling tingling clean and refreshed. Again, I have used other “organic” body washes and miessence tops them all. The miessence Mint Toothpaste reminds me of the olden days before all the gunk and paste was added to tooth powder. This toothpaste leaves your teech sparkling clean with no yucky residue in your mouth. I could go on and on about the wonderful feel and benefits from the ONEgroup products. I am excited to eventually try them all. They will be the only products I will use in my home. I know the difference is the “certified organic” benefits and the non-compromising use of ingredients that ONEgroup adheres to on a regular basis. It is comforting to know with ONEgroup products everything I breath or put on my skin is for it’s benefit, and it is wonderful to feel in my heart and soul knowing I am a better steward of the world God gave us to enjoy. Thank you again for creating such incredible products and a wonderful company backing them up. Bless you!
Lynette Bishop

Hey, I just wanted to send an email and tell you that I think your company and products are AWESOME! No, I’m not a teenager that uses that word often, I am 27 yrs old and I LOVE your products. I loved the hair products!! They made my hair look so shiny and healthy. I have waist length color treated hair and I was so worried that I would not be able to use organic products. As it may cause it to break- but I could!! As I am trying to get back to my natural color, so I won’t be treating my hair any longer. Your sites have been very informational in regards to what products carry as ingredients and what potential harm they can be to humans much less our environment. Before I purchased your samples I was using an “all natural” products from BrandX- needless to say I was disappointed and upset when I read about their ingredients. I had been having problems with Cystic Acne- which is something I have never had before- here all this time before I was educated- I wondered why it was that I kept having these breakouts. Now I know!! It was the ingredients in them. I know this because within 1 week of using your products my skin is clear, healthy and glowing. My acne has started to clear up and go away. I only have a couple of red spots left. I have always been a person who didn’t like to wear makeup. I felt like I had to cover up my blemishes when I was using BrandX. Now, with your products I am happy to say I have been bare skinned at work and about for over 1 week!! I am just ecstatic. I also have very sensitive eyes and your products to not bother me in the least. I just can’t wait to get the rest of the stuff I ordered and try it out too!! Please keep up what you are doing- always keep in mind that it’s not always about the money!! But if you can really make a difference along that way- that’s what counts!! God bless you and yours and your wonderful company!!
Kimberly D. Chafin

Just wanted to congratulate you on the new products. Once again, you have come up with products so spectacular one can only marvel at your genius! The way you blend the ingredients together to make the most superbly stunning preparations is just amazing. Yet again, as I use each new product, I am reminded of how grateful I am and how special it is to have these magnificent products at my fingertips enhancing my health, the environment and my bank balance as well. I have had cold sores since I was a baby that only come out these days if I have exposure to the sun for more than a few mins. Last weekend I sat out in the sun(yes, it was a warm day in an otherwise dreary Melbourne winter!) for over two hours, and having used the Reflect Outdoor Balm before I left home, I was thrilled that no cold sores have appeared at all! And if they were going to, they would be up and blistering within one or two days. (It’s now 6 days later) Awesome!! Plus, I have been having a sachet of Berry Radical for the past 5 days and I am not imagining it but I am sleeping better and much of the pain in my body has died down and I have more energy. Which is pretty amazing after all I have done to try to achieve these three primary things in health over the past few years. I think, combined with In-Liven, I am really onto a winner. Berry Radical feels great in my body, I adore the taste and I look forward to making up my shake each morning. And the BioPure household cleaner – wow!!! How awesome is that! Cleans magnificently (and I’m known as a bit of a fusspot when it comes to cleaning and germs!) and smells divine and is way, way cheaper than the orange cleaner and/or eucalyptus I have used in the past. My list of products I am excited about goes on and on but I just wanted to share these few with you as they have had such a great impact. It’s just like the beginning when I first joined – I am dancing around the house cleaning, spraying, moisturising and smelling divine!
Wendy B
VIC, Australia

I love these products! I began to develop problems with my skin in my 30’s….looking dull and breaking out. I bought your products and now my skin is glowing and friends are complimenting. I have also been on a 15 year quest for a shampoo that will actually clean my hair instead of coating it and leaving it dull and greasy. Your shampoo has my hair soft and clean like when I was a child. And I gave up hope of ever finding a deodorant that leaves me feeling and smelling fresh instead of sticky and smelling like chemical scents. Your deodorant is beautiful. I’m hooked for life. I will never go back to using products with chemicals. And by the way, for the first time in my life I have a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Thank you so much for making these products!
Kay M
California, United States

I became passionate for organics, health and wellness when I found out I had a heavy content of lead and mercury in my body. That’s when my family and I converted to organic and natural products. Just recently, I discovered toxic chemicals in the “natural” skin care and cosmetic products I have been using for years. I felt shocked and betrayed. These discoveries lead me to ONEgroup. I joined ONEgroup because I feel the company is fully committed to providing products that are certified organic, completely beneficial, without synthetic chemicals used as preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. I want to be a part of a company that has a positive effect on the health and wellness of others, and the environment.
Susan H
Arkansas, United States

I recently had my first baby, named Oliver! Throughout the whole pregnancy I used Rejuvenessence on my belly twice a day. It felt great and kept my skin in excellent condition. I did not get one stretch mark (my body was prone to getting them in the past) – I was so thrilled!! It’s such a wonderful product. Another must have product during pregnancy for me was In-Liven. I took it three times a day and felt absolutely fantastic. On the odd few days that I forgot to take it, I found my hips would ache at night. This was just another indicator of how much this probiotic does for your body. Needless to say, my baby is bright eyed, has perfect health and is bounding with energy. I know he is getting all the nourishment he needs from my organic diet and lots of In-Liven. There is no way I would go through a pregnancy without it. Thank you Czerral and ONEgroup!
Regi S
WA, Australia 

I love the ONEgroup Products! It may be a combination of In-Liven and miessence shampoo/conditioner, but my baby fine hair has more volume, body and shine! No more flat, greasy hair! I also love the Sunflower Body Wash and Jaffa lip Balm. So many wonderful, good for you products!
Evelyn R
North Carolina, United States

By the way, I just love the products that I bought. I use the Purifying skin care system and it is just delicious! The Intensive Body Cream and Sunflower Body Wash are like nothing that I have used before. I’m quickly forgetting all of those artificial perfumed body washes that I used to use!
United States

When I was pregnant, the pigmentation in my skin around my face and under arms began to go dark. I was so embarrassed to raise my arms. The worse thing was that I was pregnant during summer, so wearing singlets was a no no. Pregnancy brings out the beauty in some women, but not under my arms. I became depressed until my best friend told me to go organic and to try miessence. Wow, what a God Send! I was able to clean off the dark pigmentation and I have never gone back to any other deodorants. I highly recommend this product to all women who love to have beautiful skin.
Marjorie M

I love your Organic products. Besides the wonderful integrity of your skin care line, these products smell better than anything I’ve encountered before!
Washington, United States

I have been trying for years to find products that help my skin. As a teenager, I had very bad skin and tried every product I could. However, they all seemed to make it worse. It was not until I was in my mid twenties when I found out I was allergic to most kinds of chemically derived fragrance. And as most products, cosmetics, toiletries (just about everything in skin and hair treatments) has these, I was so glad to be introduced to a true organic product. My skin has never looked better. I wish you had of been around in my teenage years. I thank you kindly, miessence.
Rachuel C
Western Australia, Australia

For many years, I suffered acne and poor skin. I tried many different products that proved to be useless. I was at my wits end being an adult with skin that looked horrible. I tried miessence and now have healthy clear and near to perfect skin. Thanks, Narelle. P.S My little boy has only ever had Sunflower Body Wash used on his skin and hair and he has beautiful clear skin and a problem free scalp. He loves it as a bubble bath.
Anne-Marie H
SA, Australia

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products! Maybe I am crazy, but I felt immediately more radiant after the whole cleaning, exfoliating, mask process! I especially love the shampoo – I am neurotic with taking showers, partly because my hair tends to get oily often. I showered with the lemon myrtle shampoo and WHAT A DIFFERENCE – my hair is not oily at all!
Suzanne B
Georgia, USA

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