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Body/Oral Care Reviews

I am a new customer and I am so excited I had to write. In the past I tried many aluminium free and “natural” deodorants and none of them worked. I had given up and gone back to supermarket brands until I saw a recommendation for your deodorant. I simply cannot believe how good it is! Not only does it prevent BO, instead of just masking it with an artificial fragrance, but after using it for only a few days, the red, rough patches of skin under my arms that have been plaguing me for months are already starting to smooth out and go away. I cannot wait to try more of your products!

Hi! I have been recently impressed by the Outdoor Balm and I wanted to share my experience. My cousin has extremely sensitive skin when it comes to using sunscreens. She told me of how she has to wash the sunscreen off as soon as she gets home because she comes up in an irritating rash all over her skin. I was keen to see how the Miessence Outdoor Balm faired on her skin as I know many other people with the same skin condition – sensitivity to sunscreens. I ordered some and she tried it. The first thing she commented on was how it didn’t feel like a sunscreen, that it felt more like a moisturiser. She loved the smell and after the full day of having it on, she said that she almost forgot she had it on. She had no rash and her skin was well moisturised after a day in the sun. Well done on a brilliant solution to sunscreen!
Katy Montgomery

I have recently started to use the Anise toothpaste and Aroma Free Deodorant. Amazing – both of them. The aroma and taste of the Anise toothpaste is lovely and cleans so effectively. The deodorant works very well and I live up in Tropical North Queensland so that is saying something. The information and assistance provided was really great.
Anna Mason
QLD, Australia

Hey Everyone! I have fabulous results to share about the MiEssence Toothpastes. I have been using the toothpaste since my first order arrived the first of February. My husband has been using since sometime in February/March when our other toothpaste ran empty. Well….my husband went for his first dental exam in about 10 years on March 10th. His teeth were wonderful, but he had some severe gaps from progressed periodontal disease. When checking for the spacing of gums to the teeth, our dentist prefers nothing higher than a 3. Luke had several 7 and 8’s! They did serious deep cleaning of quadrants of his mouth in March and April. Then, he began his every 3 month checkups. July they couldn’t believe how well his gums were already healing and responding. I thought Luke was just telling me stories. Well, he just had another 3 month cleaning and they said after Feb. cleaning, he will probably be able to go to every 6 months. His hygienist kept saying how she couldn’t believe how much they have improved and how she has never seen gums improve so quickly. Most patients are on the every 3 months for a few years with excellent care. Praise Luke for sharing how he stopped using conventional toothpaste and began using “this organic toothpaste Michelle sells.” So, I will surely be taking in information and a travel size tube for her. Thank you ONEgroup for 100% beneficial ingredients in your products!!! In less than a year, my husband went from severe periodontal disease to minor gingivitis.
PA, United States

Hi Narelle or assistant: I just wanted to drop a quick line about the Sunflower Body Wash. I have been a rep for about 3 years and love the company and all of the items. I just wanted to pass on that I personally use the Sunflower Body Wash for my face instead of any of the facial cleansers as I like the more astringent feeling. thanks for listening. Always appreciate what you do and the awesome company and products!! Have a great day!!
United States

Because I had been using conventional toothpaste for so long when I changed to the Miessence toothpaste I thought my mouth didn’t feel as clean. I was determined to persevere and after using the toothpaste for about 3mths noticed an enormous difference in my teeth and the overall health of my mouth. The most noticeable difference was that my husband and I both stopped getting mouth ulsers. I believe the reason for this is that normal toothpaste is so strong it kills all the good bacteria along with everything else, so your mouth can’t fight infection as affectively. The second thing is that my teeth are whiter than they have been for years. Like a lot of people I had been seduced into believing that I needed a special product to ‘whiten’ my teeth. I tried a couple of the leading products from the supermarket only to find that it left me feeling sick in the stomach and the white effect only lasted a couple of weeks (and one time looked ridiculously fake). I haven’t done anything to my teeth for the past 2 years apart from brush them with Miessence toothpaste and I am really happy with the colour and health of my mouth and gums. The third thing I really noticed was that I can now clean my teeth and eat straight afterwards without the food tasting terrible. The reason is that there are no residue chemicals in my mouth! Again where was my innate wisdom? My mouth had been trying to warn me for years but I had stopped listening. The penny really dropped when I ran out of Miessence toothpaste and used my mother’s leading brand of toothpaste. My mouth was foaming with soap and it tasted disgusting. It was at this moment that I really felt frighten for I realized that my body was so use to the chemical taste it had stopped warning me of the danger. I had been using the products for about 12 months before becoming a rep and this realization was one of the things which influenced to become a rep. Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and our body appears to resist change through its detox phase. Once you have survived the detox it is a whole new world. I hope this has been helpful.
Julie O’Neill

I absolutely love the products. One of the girls here is pregnant and she mentioned to me that toothpaste was making her feel ill, I suggested she try my miessence toothpaste that I had just purchased. Well she was sold and asked to buy it off me, as I was placing an order I gave it to her, I went back to my normal toothpaste for a few days and WOW! what a difference, I felt a horrible film of chemicals after brushing that I had never noticed before, so needless to say from now on I will only be using miessence organic toothpaste. I have recently begun a nutrition course and have started to research not only the things we eat but every thing that enters our body and have been horrified by the amount of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens that unknowingly we ingest, breath in, rub on our body. I am a true believer in natural is best and love your range, I cant wait to expand and am looking forward to my next order.
Fiona Sainsbury
NSW, Australia

Hello, I’d like to let you know that your Reflect Outdoor Balm is simply the best protection against the sun that I have ever used, and I have tried them all. Due to a skin problem, I cannot tolerate conventional sunscreens or anything coated with silicones, am also wary of Nano Particles, I had looked forever and ever for a decent one. Thanks so much for your superb product, the ultra-pure ingredients, the gorgeous smell, it’s such a pleasure to apply it daily and really protects as well as calms down my redness. Please, please, don’t ever change the formulation or scent!! It’s the single best skin care product I have ever used and I used to have such problems with my skin but this product changes it positively on so many levels and protects wonderfully!
Maren Springsteen

I have tried literally every herbal alternative to chemical beauty/personal products on the market. Miessence products have been so well thought out and the toothpaste and deodorant is the most effective I have tried. The products smell gorgeous, uplift your senses and the bottom line is they work. And for an organic line they offer great value for money. The toothpaste lasts ages!! I hope these large chemical cosmetic companies are feeling the threat now. Organic and chemical free is the only way forward. Thank you miessence x
Hannah Potter
Great Britain

I have had a problem with itchy skin on my arms for about two years. It was starting to really bother me and disrupt my life. I consulted several doctors and tried all kinds of ointments, creams etc,, but nothing worked. I thought I’d try some miessence Luxurious Body Powder to see if it might help and was thrilled when it took the itch away almost instantly! The itch used to keep me awake at night, but if I use the powder before bed, I get a good night’s sleep. I’m very impressed (and happy!!).
Lisa Hocking
NSW, Australia

I just want to tell you what wonderful healing properties your Freshening Mouthwash has. It is so effective at clearing ulcers that my boyfriend has started using it on small cuts and things – it is amazing – perhaps you could do a healing balm.

To whom it may concern, Just thought I would let you know what I have been using the Luxurious Body Powder for. I had oil stains on the carpet they had been there for about 2 months and I thought better do something about this, put some powder on every spot and left for a couple of hours, when I came home the spots had vanished…This saved my life as my flatmate would have killed me. I am also using the Freshening Mouthwash for a coldsore and it is almost gone…It is fantastic stuff, put it on spots and sores and all sorts… fantastic anticeptic.
Clare B
NSW, Australia

I started to work with horses on a daily basis and wow did my hands suffer with dryness and bad cracks. Nothing seemed to make them soft until this new Nourishing Hand Cream hit the market, now my hands are softer and it even prevented the cracks from getting bigger instead they disappeared! Thanks Narelle for taking the time and making such good products that really work! Well Done!
Andrea P
SA, Australia

“Thank you, Narelle for developing a hand cream that truly nourishes my hands. I have lived with severely dry skin since childhood especially on my hands. As an adult I developed eczema on my hands while working in the product department of our local grocery store, which left my hands constantly in pain and thin from all of the ointments prescribed by my doctors. Your Nourishing Hand Cream provides me with the relief I need to go about my daily routine of being a mother and gardener with out cracking and I also have noticed the thinning of my skin is much better. I can apply the cream and it still provides softness even after repeated use in water. Thank you also for making the cream smell so good. Yesterday while I was at my doctor appointment I was applying my hand cream and the receptionist commented that my lotion smelled great which prompted me to tell her about our awesome line of products and I was able to give her my card.
Danna C
California, United States

The hand cream is fantastic. My partner has been using it to treat his dry hands and only using is once a day before going to bed has made a huge difference. Thank you for another brilliant product.
Debbie G
WA, Australia

I have been a Representative with ONEgroup since its inception. I have been really looking forward to the company producing a true Hand Cream and at last it has arrived! My hands suffer in winter from cracked cuticles which form deep crevices and start to bleed. Since trying the Nourishing Hand Cream I am seeing an improvement, so this cream is going a long way to helping me keep the problem at bay. I will try it as foot cream in summer when my heels crack. Thank you ONEgroup for a wonderful product.
Glennis P
NSW, Australia

As a massage therapist my hands need to be extremely soft. Being a single mother and having the responsibility of caring for a large home and yard proved to have adverse effects on my hands, even when I would wear gloves. Now, before yard work or cleaning, I apply an ample coating of this wonderful luxurious Nourishing Hand Cream then put on my gloves, and it’s like giving myself a hand treatment each time I work around the house. I also use a little dab of the cream just after washing my hands. WOW! I’ve even had my regular clients remark on the softness of my hands. My answer to them of course is miessence Nourishing Hand Cream. Their response is: “Where can I get some?” Oh, the hand cream also keeps my heels from becoming cracked and dry. Thank you for all of your superb products, Especially the Nourishing Hand Cream. Narelle, you’ve done it again! Love, Light, and Good Health.
Shery G
Deleware, United States

Hello! I love the Mint Toothpaste and Mouthwash. I’ve always had problems with sores on my tongue. My dentist told me it was Geographic Tongue and relatively common. It would be quite painful after drinking soda, spicy foods, or red sauces. Well, after using the Mint Toothpaste and Mouthwash the problem that I’ve had since I was a child is gone. No more sores or problems eating certain foods. I recommended these two products to my mother, who has problems with swelling and bleeding on her gums due to her medication. Her dentist was extremely surprised by the results. She’s now off her medicated mouthwash. Thanks for the great products!!!!
Reegan B
Missouri, United States

I’ve recently sent you my feelings and experience of receiving and using the beautiful new Nourishing Hand cream in the last day or 2 – it’s so good that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to receive another…so I am giving you my feedback again. 1st surprise : Delivered early to my doorstep and discovering it to be cheaper than I originally thought, I keenly unpacked my parcel of goodies, most happy to find the luxuriant Nourishing Hand Cream included and not back-ordered as I thought it could be. I have suffered with an ongoing psoriasis-like rash that flares up particularly in dry winter conditions here in the tropics. It itches, cracks and bleeds at its worst. I have observed / removed all manner of influences which affect the condition and used many treatments, as natural as possible. Some have helped but then I find it is only temporary relief. 2nd surprise : You can imagine my deep joy discovering the instant healing properties I found within the nurturing, delicately fragrant Nourishing Hand cream – the redness disappeared along with the itchiness, while my hand felt soothed and ‘normal’ again. Pretty powerful stuff! 2nd day results have continued with the remarkable work these luscious ingredients are doing and I feel so pampered, never mind the gentle aromatherapy affects. After a late night out at a concert with so much hand clapping and severe treatment of my hands, I have applied another tiny amount of hand cream which is restoring the movement in my fingers and rejuvenating my skin. This would usually take days of constant lathering with moisturisers and creams to achieve a similar outcome. 3rd surprise : the speed of healing So THANK-YOU Narelle and all of miessence, ONEgroup for giving me the gift of Nourishing Hand Cream.
Lauren B
Queensland, Australia

For the past month I have been treating the girls in my office to what I call An Afternoon Delight -About 3.30pm in the afternoon when we all start to feel a little flat, I grab my new Nourishing Hand Cream and make my way around the office treating the girls to a squeeze of hand cream. Imagine my delight when the guys showed an interest, and now they too are enjoying being treated to An Afternoon Delight -Everyone comments on the delightful fragrance, lovely thick texture and non greasiness of the cream. It sure puts a spark in our step for the afternoon.
Narelle M
SA, Australia 

Clich’d it may be but this is truly the best hand-cream I have used. I love that it is so easily absorbed and has a heavenly aroma, rose essential oil is magical. My nails are growing wonderfully long.The tube is so dinky and easy to carry in my coat pocket. I even shared the hand-cream with a lady at the physiotherapists today; she was chatting about nails and I said this hand-cream is great, you can have a try if you like, she loved it, asked where she could get some and is also coming to my first MiSpa party! It may be a small tube but it is full of beneficial ingredients that smell gorgeous. I love it. All the best.
Joanna R
Wanaka, New Zealand

Narelle, I forgot to mention that your Hand Cream is unrivalled, absolutely fantastic – divine! I have been waiting all my life for a product like this. And I just listened to the recorded June conference call what you are saying about your father and your uncle… And regarding the Berry Radical: I MUST convince Peter to try it out and recommend it to his patients – what you are saying about it is brilliant. All the best to you, the family and the team!
Doris G

I’ve used (X Brand) products for a number of years and been very happy with them. I’ve just recently signed on as a Rep with ONEgroup and have just started trying your products. So far, I find them fantastic! The Intensive Body Cream is much better than the (X Brand) body lotions. I have dry skin and I think it’s wonderful. It works for my hand and feet also! Thanks and I’m looking forward to trying more of the products.
Laura L
United States

I absolutely love love love the deodorant (aroma free) – I have tried almost every natural one out there and yours is fantastic.
California, United States

The body lotion (Intensive Body Cream) was wonderful on my sunburn, it just cleared it up, there was no peeling. I was really happy about that.
Janet B
Oregon, United States

I have used miessence Aroma Free Deoderant for the past 8 months. It is the best deoderant I have used for several reasons: no residue left on clothes, aroma free including on clothes, longlasting protection, and economical – despite 8 months use, I still have almost half a bottle left of 70ml. I would certainly buy this product again and recommend it highly.
Oregon, USA

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