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Cosmetics Reviews

I have spent this year experimenting with all manner of product from all sorts of brands. I have been living on samples due to my new budget for cosmetics being based on income from casual employment. I have tried all sorts of products this year and some of them really upset my sensitive skin. This week I happened to try out miessence having lunch with a friend, I immediately warmed to the product and bombarded her with questions… this has led me to want to have my own direct access to the product and the excitement of having an online organic shop of my own that friends can access.
F Pope
New Zealand

Hello People! I feel compelled to write and tell you that I am 55 years of age, and this lip balm is the first one that I have ever bought which actually works for me. I have used all kinds over the years, and of course, in most recent years, have tried different organic lip balms. I would say that just about every one of them have made my lips uncomfortable, drier, more sore, and so on. Even the old version of One Group’s didn’t work for me. But this one is just fantastic! I really love it and I have gone through a tough winter here walking dogs and horse with comfortable, soft lips. Terry (my husband) and I buy a lot of your products. We are big, big fans and dream of a time when we can use the whole range of wonderfully described products! Great service too…..your delivery is often quicker than something I might order in the UK.

I have been using the Jaffa Lip Balm on my fingernails and it has been working really well. Have been sanding and painting for two weeks and the balm has kept my nails in good condition.
Sofia K
WA, Australia

I developed a few months ago, a contact dermatitis rash under my wedding and engagement rings. Being relatively newly married I was bit upset at having to stop wearing them as it spread down my finger and into the web spaces. I tried everything; I just couldn’t get the redness and dryness under control. I need to wash my hands a lot at work too which made it even harder. My saviour, the Jaffa Lip Balm! It was brilliant, for two days I put it on my finger continuously, not letting the skin dry out, it was the only thing I could use that didn’t sink into the skin straight away. I now wear my rings again and keep the balm close by for lips and fingers! I have also used it as an intensive hand moisturiser, especially overnight and my husband has even used it as emergency hair gel. It’s the best!
Kristine M
VIC, Australia

I wanted you to know that I love your Jaffa Lip Balm. It’s great to know that I am using products that are good for me as well make my skin feel great!!!!
Rechon B
Georgia, United States

Just writing because I purchased some powder foundation recently, a fair and a medium (I blend) .. Firstly, I’m MOST impressed.. it has to be the best cosmetic to ever have hit my face! It’s beautifully smooth and natural looking. its the best foundation in the world!!
Leah C
WA, Australia

I just adore the liquid foundation. It is so beautiful on the skin and the result is a lovely sheer coverage that seems to make my skin glow. It doesn’t look cakey or powdery and doesn’t really need to be blended because it seems to soak in. I would really recommend getting samples first, I thought the honey would be right for my skin, but Vanilla ended up suiting me better. Keep up the great work and thanks for some lovely safe products.
Theressa P
NT, Australia

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