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Superfood Nutrition Reviews

I wanted to give you a quick testimonial about Fast Tract if I may. I found out I had a badly abscessed tooth the day before I was due to leave for a 5 day seminar, so my Dentist prescribed antibiotics, which I don’t normally agree to, however in this case the last thing I wanted was bad tooth ache and missing out on travelling and the seminar. Within days my tongue was coated really badly and I had an awful taste in my mouth, I realized it was a yeast overgrowth due to the antibiotics. I ordered Fast Tract and within 2 days my white tongue had disappeared. Just awesome – what a fantastically effective product thank you!
Heather Todd

Imagine living cold free. Well, I have been using superfoods and One Group products for over a year and just as the representative promised, I would one day be cold free. Actually, I went from being almost cold free to totally cold free since I started. Right now, I’m enjoying another immune boosting extra, the probiotics are helping me fight off infection after a freak accident where I cut my thumb above the knuckle and I am recovering with stitches. I used Tuscaloosa City School water which contains chlorine, fluoride to rinse the fountain-like wound, and it is is not filtered in the kitchen. Locals brag about it being great for industry but those toxins kill off beneficial species so it’s still a pretty drab situation as far as human use goes. There is no pussy, painful mess but I sure do feel sleepy often as the micro-organisms balance themselves out. The doctor and nurse are sure that if I respect the rule to avoid all wet, dirty work until the wound completely heals, then, all should heal up completely. Now, I plan to do my homework soon, and ask my representative how I can further reduce scar damage when the protective cushiony brace is taken off Saturday.

I work as a substitute teacher all over town K-12 and supplemental positions including custidial, cafeteria work, secretarial work and library work at many section 8 schools, and then, I’m a bookseller in a popular children’s department which means I’m exposed to a lot. I’ve been almost cold free, but last January without a fever I lost my voice, and I can ill afford to loose any day of work. This is making me totally cold free. If I have the least little sniffle, I add some Fast Track or Inliven to some water, a drink or a dish and that’s the last of the trouble. Some other positive side affects include improving my Rosacea. Before I started in february for years I had chronic irritation around my nose. I would wash away the dry skin and apply hydrocortison, or tea tree oil which would help but it would come back. Since February my big troubles aside my nose are gone.
Kaylene Peters
Alabama, United States

Hi there. I am so delighted that the Berry Radical is now in an easy serve container. No more licking every corner to get my 5gms worth!! I love this product, it feels so full of good energy and have consistently taken it since it was first developed. Berry Superfoods are so in vogue and this has so many amazing ingredients that are being popularized in expensive watery versions! When people ask me how my skin looks so great and what supplements I use, I proudly say I use Miessence for ALL my skincare, toiletries and supplements without hesitation. Even after 6 years of continuos use of Miessence, I still love each product that I use and am living proof of the long term benefits of how they create healthy skin, hair and body. I cannot find another company globally that manufactures such an extensive quality range of organic and natural products
Margaret Balogh
New Zealand

I have suffered with excema all my 39yrs. I was told I had thrush ( dry RED patches) around my mouth by a GP but was only offered tablets and cream, which didn’t really work once finished with products- the thrush was back. I was told about In-Liven and have tried everything in the past, this was going to be another one to add to the list of things that didn’t work. This is the BEST product for me; unbelievably terrific, if I happen to eat something I shouldn’t from allergies I can have some of the powder in juice and can pretty much be back to lovely skin within 12 hrs,overnight. Thanks to the person who recommended it and thanks to ONEgroup for making it. A wonderful powder for excema sufferers Doctors should recommend this stuff..Thanks again Cheryl.
c calcraft

Hi there. Guess what I did with the Berry Radical powder on Saturday??? Added two teaspoons of honey and a little warm water to make a sauce ….and put it over my buckwheat pancake, organic banana, berries….and ice-cream!!!! Yummy!!! Just thought I’d tell you how good it was!!!
Julie Garlick
QLD, Australia

Hi! I hope this benefits other people as it has helped me! I love this recipe, for the taste, go-ahead convenience, they way it keeps the bananas fresh (and no fruit flies harbored by fruit waiting around). I love how the ice cream maker and ice crystal formation mixes the powder (which is hard to mix by hand because it clumps.) Since the ORAC value is so high, more than our bodies use, I believe, if mixed into only a small shake -I only used one package. Two might taste as good or better. Plus I am sure I have not lost any vitamin C since this is a “no-cook” philly-style ice cream. I also want to try to make a green coconut milk (vegan) version in the future, unless someone beats me to it! *BERRY RADICAL RECIPE in 4 qt Ice Cream Maker 2 qts creamy milk or real cream Half and Half 2 cups Rapidura or other sugar (decrease a bit to use stevia for part of this) 2 Tablespoons organic vanilla 2 bananas (half an organic high-chocolate cany bar if desired, as shavings/chips) I put in: 2 qts of organic, super-creamy raw goat’s milk that I’m lucky enough to buy locally! (If you use half and half, avoid corn syrup used as a cheap substitute for real cream.) I add just under 2 cups of Rapidura (naturally processed sugar with all the minerals) and several drops of stevia, plus 2 T organic vanilla and a couple of bananas (2 is safer, since three kind of overflowed my 4 -qt ice cream maker) with 1 packet Berry Radical plus “chips” from 1/2 an organic chocolate bar. Rapidura has 4 grams of carb per teaspoon so there are 200 grams (or less) of carbs in the whole 4-qt batch from sugar, and a few if you add chocolate, so each pint would contain about 25 grams of carbs from Rapidura plus about 7 grams of carb from bananas and virtually none (less than half a carb!) from the Berry Radical!
Fran Mccollum
Texas, USA

Hello, My partners boss recommended In-Liven and I searched for it online to find your page. After many stresses in our lives over the last 18 months we were both very run down and my partner was also recovering from Glandular Fever so we wanted to give the In-liven a go and it’s fantastic, it’s really helped us both with energy levels. I have suffered food intolerances and allergies all my life and have suffered from the lack of nutrients in the food I could eat. I suffer from many food intolerances and I suffer from many chemical allergies including many artificial additives to foods. I suffer from IBS which is inflamed by certain foods or additives. I am on the border of underweight and unhealthy because of my diet restrictions. I was a bit worried when I first tried In-Liven because I’ve had so many bad reactions before but it looked like it was worth the try and I’d heard from others how good it was, so I’ve started on a small dose and I can’t believe how much it’s helped my energy levels already and it seems to be helping my IBS because I’m able to eat more. I checked out your website and read up on what was in the product, you’ve got a great descriptive page on it’s ingredients I’d recommend anyone who’s interested in In-Liven to check it out. I always research what I buy, I can’t afford not to for the sake of my health and my purse. Great product, thank you.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am enjoying the In-Liven product. We’ve been on it for a little over a month (my 8 year-old sister and I) and we are having great results. As I mentioned, she has terrible eczema. At first we didn’t think the In-Liven made a difference because we could still see the eczema, but then we took her off it for a few days because she got the flu and could not keep it down anyway. During those days she complained of her itching again, and we realized this was the first time in a month she complained about itching. So, while she might need more time to heal completely, her eczema is much more bearable when she is on it. We just ordered a second bottle and plan on being on it for life. As for me, my abused hair is growing like a yeti. I am on the product 3 times daily (doing a 2 week cleanse) and I started to come down with my sisters flu last week. I prepared myself for the worst, but woke up the next morning feeling great. I don’t know if the In-Liven has stregthened my immune system but I’m telling you, I had that flu and my body kicked it! I’m usually the one to catch everything that’s going around too. So thanks, for turning me on to a life-changing product!

I have been taking In-Liven for 1 month now and just ordered my 2nd bottle. The beginning was very rough for me because I went into major detox or had the flu at the same time, or a combination of both, I have no idea. The only thing I do know is that after 7 days of being very sick (fever, sore throat, chills, etc.) I now feel totally GREAT. I started back up on the In-Liven and the following is what I am noticing: -I sleep like a BABY and I always used to sleep lightly. I would wake up a lot at night, and hear every sound. Now I am sleeping so deeply that my son waking me up in the morning to say goodbye actually SCARES ME! -My SINUS issues are gone. I used to have a stuffed up nose almost constantly due to allergies, and especially at night. Now I can breathe again. My sinuses are clear and I am not having any allergic issues at all. I am completely off of the nasty nasal spray and this to me is a miracle, as I have been on it for many years. -My appetite has decreased. I seem to be not as hungry, and I don’t crave sweets as much. I think I may have lost a couple of lbs, but I am also eating less meat, processed foods, and very little to no alcohol, so could be a combination. -I have more energy. I used to feel pretty tired by 10:00 PM, now I am not tired even at 11:00, and I don’t feel the need to nap after work. I have retired all of my old supplements in place of this new one, and have to say I truly enjoy not having to take those tablets and capsules every day!

Here is a wonderful testimonial from a Lady that visits my web-site: Michelle, I just wanted everyone who reads your site to know that IN-LIVEN really works! My husband has been taking In-liven since October on a regular basis to bring his body back to a more healthy state. Everyone (4 kids) incl Myself all came down with the flu or colds this winter. Guess what, not my husband. Not even a single symptom of a flu. Where he works, all the employees were sick too. We were also exposed to the infuenza A virus. When you say it builds up defenses against the bad bacteria, you are right on. I need to get my whole family on this. It’s worth it!
North Dakota, USA

My husband has had a congested chest since mid-December after being in a strong chemical smelling store. He has had a wheezing sound even when he sleeps. Within a day or two of taking In-Liven 3x a day, the wheezing totally disappeared, and I credit In-Liven and thank God for In-Liven.
Mary Anderson

I have been a Representative of ONEgroup now for 2 yrs. In-liven is my biggest seller. I have a customer who had a 14 yr. old son with a “Blood Platelets Disorder, or “Thrombocytopenia ” He bruised easily , his blood counts were all terribly low. He passed out due to low blood counts, was rushed to the emergency room, and put on medications. He had this disease for 2 yrs, and the Doctors could not help him. He had various blood transfusions, and recently was told he needed a bone marrow transplant. They found In-liven , and the rest is History! Before starting on In-liven his platelets were 20,000, the norm is ( 140,000, – 400,000), right now after 3 months of taking 2 tsp a day, it went up to 83,000, up 62,000 points! Working on getting that higher. His Haemoglobin before starting was 6 the norm is ( 12-16) now, it is 12.5 ! White blood count very low, don’t have the number, norm (4.0-10.5) , it is now 5.3 ! Red blood cell count, before was 2.39 norm is (4.7-6.1) now it is 3.74, working on it! But it is better! Bone Marrow was 25% the norm is ( 99%-100%) , now it is 65%, still working on it, but it is getting better! He also suffered from “OCD” Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, his Mother has told me that he hasn’t had any problems with it since being on it, and not been sick all winter, everybody else was, but not him. His Mother is also happy to say that after 2 yrs. He can now play football! The Doctors are taking him off of medications because of improvements. They were impressed!.. His Mother is ecstatic! She can’t thank me enough for what this product has done. I want to personally thank Czerral for this product. I have been on it for over 1 yr. And the results are amazing.. ……I thank you and that little boy and his Mother thank-you!
Michelle G
North Dakota, United States

I’m not sure if you will remember or not as I’m sure you get many emails, but I wanted to share this with you. The email below is from one of my preferred customers. Her son has a very severe case of Colitis and I had emailed you a couple of weeks ago to ask about the specifics on taking In Liven and Fast Tract for someone with Colitis. You were VERY quick with your replies and within days Czerral had answered me back directly (through you) when you felt you were unable to completely do so..I am thrilled that ONEgroup has been so prompt since it kept a 17 year old boy off Prednisone!
Cali J
Alberta, Canada

HI Everyone! I received two–well actually three testimonies from my In-Liven customers that I want to share with you. I think you will enjoy them! For several years, my elderly father had problems controlling his bowels, especially at night. He would wake up at night with a loss of control and it was terribly humiliating and embarrassing for him. He didn’t feel that he could get very far from home, and it kept him from overnight visits to see the relatives. He had been taking Acidophiles for some time which helped for a while, but then it seemed to stop working. My friend Kimberly Walker introduced us to the ONEgroup probiotic products and shared with us how it could help him. He started on the Fast-Tract Probiotic and within a few days, he was sleeping through the night without losing control of his bowels. He is now taking the In-Liven Probiotic and his digestive tract seems to be better than it has been in years. I am pleased to say we are now planning a trip to visit relatives for a week! I have also experienced a positive change in my health since using ONEgroup probiotics. I took the Fast-Tract for about two weeks and then started taking the In-Liven. I have seen a great improvement in my digestion and regularity. I also have noticed that my hair is not falling out as it has for years. That’s a great result! Now we have started my ,om on the In-Liven. She has been chronically ill for many years with terrible pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia and has had 2 hip and back surgeries. She has suffered with being constipated to the point that she would be impacted with faecal matter. She has now been on the probiotic for two weeks and is for the first time in years seeing a change in her bowel movements with them being more regular and soft.
Kimberley W
Texas, United States

I am pleased to report that my daughter doesn’t need to have her tonsils removed. After taking my daughter to an E.N.T. for repeated ear infections and extremely enlarged tonsils, I was told that the only answer for her was to have them removed. The thought of my child having surgery just didn’t settle with me. I started giving her In-Liven and told the doctor I was not willing to go through with the surgery at this time. I rescheduled an appointment with him for a three month check-up. Upon returning to the doctor, he stared at her throat in amazement. He then proceeded to tell me that her tonsils were of normal size, and that he rarely ever sees this happen. I told him of the In-Liven and he said to keep it up. Bri looks forward to her In-liven every day. Thank you ONEgroup, thank you ever so much!
Shery G
Deleware, United States

I have been taking In-Liven now for 5 months. By the third month, my blood pressure had returned to a normal reading. I was advised by my GP to go on blood pressure tablets for high blood pressure but decided to give the In-Liven a go. During this time I have not changed my diet or increased my exercise routine! I’m very happy with the results.
Jeanette H
NSW, Australia

I have been using the In-Liven probiotic regularly for 4 months now, since my daughter was a month old and began having colic. I am breastfeeding and found that her colic symptoms improved greatly after about a week of my taking In-Liven. I have also lost around 15 kilos (from a size 16 down to a size 10), and no longer retain too much fluid since I started taking it. I have been overweight since my son was born 14 years ago and am feeling so much healthier and fitter now. Thanks for such a safe, healthy and effective product.
Karyn B
VIC, Australia

The In-Liven has improved my overall sense of well being, improved the consistency and regularity of bowel habits and a toenail which has been a problem for 2-3 years is starting to grow out normally. I notice the toothpaste has improved my gums – reduced the redness considerably (gingivitis). I love using the deodorant because I know its completely safe and I find it lasts all day. It works beautifully.
Lynette V
QLD, Australia

The In-Liven has helped clear out my stomach, reduce bloating, and given me more energy and vitality. When first signs of getting sick occur (i.e. a cold), I take larger doses and the symptoms disappear. Adverse menopausal symptoms and carb. cravings have been curbed. The fungus under my fingernail is clearing and I see improvements happening with fungus under my toe nail. My pet parrot Max has suffered with a large cyst under his left leg. One week on In-Liven, has seen cyst size reduction. My family and I also use many of the other products. The deodorant works a charm. My family love the toothpaste and the freshness of really clean teeth and breath without all the unnecessary chemicals. Gums and tongue look better.
Jas R
QLD, Australia

Ever since I started full time work, I’ve been the first to pick up every cold and flu going around the office. No matter how healthy I ate and how many multi-vitamins I took, I just couldn’t seem to build up my immune system. I have now only been taking In-Liven for 6 weeks and in this time 4 colleagues have come down with colds and also pneumonia, and I have stayed well and covered their shifts! I simply cannot believe that my immune system finally feels like it’s on my side. In fact, the other day I was asked why I wasn’t getting sick and I nearly fell off my chair!! I put this all down to In-Liven – a totally organic probiotic that has replaced all of my multivitamin tablets and is now a part of my daily routine.
Davina M
VIC, Australia

After eating In-Liven for three months, I have lost most sugar and carb cravings, bowel movements are fantastic and one odd thing is a fungus infection that I have had under 2 of my toe nails for FOUR YEARS!!!!!! I refused to take prescription medication to clear these infections up as I totally disagree with taking medication and the cost was absolutely exorbitant. So, I am pleasantly shocked to see that it is nearly gone.
Julie C

My husband has been diagnosed with liver toxicity, adrenal fatigue and candidiasis. Amazingly, the tests showed his good flora in his gut was abundant and we owe that to In-Liven, which is the only probiotic he has been taking! His health could be much worse if not for such an incredible product and we know that In-Liven will be key in his healing. I highly recommend it to anyone. As his doctors said, “Whatever probiotic you have him on, keep him on it because it’s working!”
Lisa M
United States

I have just spoken with the owner of my sponsored health store to check on how they are going with Miessence products and they are delighted. The owner mentioned to me the success with In-Liven and how a young leukaemia patient takes it all the time as it is the only thing that helps with his energy levels.
Sonia H

Thank you so very much for the In-Liven…it has certainly helped me get control of my Diverticular Disease and has completely eradicated the vicious skin disease that my daughter has had from birth and has dropped the excess fluid off my little eight year old girl who is discovering a new body and health that she never had and is more confident and happy with her little body…as a mother to have sanity returned to a hopeless situation that would have escalated to many various head problems for her as she grew older….the smile on my daughter’s face tells me that you have a miracle product. …Keep up the great work and thanks for giving me back my peace of mind…
Catherine B
QLD, Australia

I had a lady visit us at an expo with an interest in In-Liven, she bought it after telling us about her chemo therapy for cancer. I asked her to place a drop of Ambrosia Essence on her face where she had 3 red and irritated spots to calm it. A week later my downline visited her to book a MiSpa Party. She couldn’t believe her face didn’t show any sign of the terrible sores we saw a week earlier. Such powerful healing properties in a tiny bottle. My daughter’s alpaca injury to her face has such a very fine flat scar that is diminishing daily by using it as you suggested.
NSW, Australia

Thank you for ‘Berry Radical, how can something so delicious be so good for us? I added mine to organic apple juice in the blender,mmmmm!! Congratulations, this one is definitely a winner.
Lynn W
QLD, Australia

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