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Hi Narelle, I would just like to thank you for another amazing and inspiring conference. I didn’t say thank you in my talk (I was soo nervous), but I really appreciate the opportunity you have presented to me. Your new products are absolutely beautiful, and I must say that I absolutely ADORE the Biodigradable Dishwashing Concentrate. It REALLY WORKS SO WELL! It leaves the dishes squeaky clean and smells so pure and unchemicalafied!!!! Thank you again, and hoping you and your family stay well.
Stephanie Neale
NSW, Australia

I have a story for you that might be interesting. My sister who first introduced me to these great products told me this, it happened to a friend of hers. Her friend had purchased some miessence products one of which was the Rainforest Air Freshener. She was about to spray some around the room and as we’ve all experienced at one time or another, didn’t realise the direction of the bottle and sprayed it directly into her eye. Her first reaction was that she grabbed her eye and was about to run to the bathroom to rinse it out when she realised that she had absolutely no pain what so ever in her eye. she opened it straight away and her vision was perfect. Now isn’t this why we LOVE these products? I thought you might like that. Well thanks again for a lovely party and I was so excited when they arrived in the mail!!
Alicia Kidd

I live in Hawaii and bugs seem to “rule”, especially when you live in the country. So when I moved into my new home and discovered ants had also moved into the kitchen and were taking over the counter-tops, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I pride myself on not using toxic products! Looking over what I had under the sink (vinegar, peroxide, our dishwashing soap and Bio-Pure, the probiotic household cleaner), I decided to just drown the ants with Bio-Pure. To my amazement, they diminished almost the same day. I just kept spraying the whole counter with the Bio-Pure for a couple of days, including any cracks I saw, and the ants left! After a few weeks when I had left food out overnight, they came back, but another spray of Bio-Pure and they are gone for good! It is such a good feeling to find a pure product that works so good….and smells so wonderful! Thanks again, Narelle!
Nishta De Lewis
United States

Dear ONEgroup, I thought you might like to hear my slightly unorthodox use of the BioPure Household Cleaner. Having watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, my husband and I were laughing at the father’s over use of Windex, for anything; cuts, bites, rash, you name it the Windex window cleaner is deployed. I was joking about and had a bite on my leg and sprayed BioPure. Well amazingly it stopped itching and cleared up! I am now a fan of using BioPure like Windex- for everything and anything. Well it is worth a try? … All the best

Like most of Australia, we are on water restrictions in my area and even if we weren’t, I’ve never felt comfortable with all the water used to wash a car anyway and all the commercial car ‘shampoos’ are full of chemicals. Now that it’s banned, I’ve been looking for a dry car cleaner to no avail as they all contain synthetic rubbish that I won’t participate in using. So one day I got really creative and I was sure some of my ONEgroup products would do the job and of course I was looking for something economically viable as well. I wasn’t going to use my skin cleanser to clean my car! I mixed up 2 capfuls of Biopure Household Cleaner in the spray container that comes with it, and sprayed it, in sections on the car and polished it off with two soft cloths. My car was really dirty to start with and I noticed it was smudging a fair bit so I added another capful and hey presto ‘ great result ‘ very clean and shiny car! Took me about 20-30 mins ‘ (I have a medium sized car and I was going slowly), didn’t need any water, except for the water in the spray bottle and I only used about one quarter/half of the bottle. Took a bit (but not a lot) of energy and it was great exercise. Next time your car needs a wash try it and maybe get the family involved. Beats using water and the car was cleaner and there were no water marks at the end. Love those ONEgroup products and if my car could talk I’m sure it would beep out ‘thank you for not using nasty chemicals on my skin!’
Wendy Bryan
VIC, Australia

Unconventional use for BioPure Household Cleaner: For as long as I can remember, I always had very dry, rough, cracked feet. My heels had such deep cracks that sometimes it was extremely painful to walk. After a pedicure, all the dry skin would be sloughed away and there would still be a fresh crack visible. After the pedicure, the dry painful cracks would always come back. I read somewhere that cracks can be due to bacteria within the crack which don’t allow it to heal. I started spraying diluted BioPure onto my feet ~ 1 time daily to try and combat the bacteria which was preventing my cracked heels from healing. After 1 and 1/2 months of applying BioPure, my feet are no longer cracked and are actually quite smooth – for the first time that I can remember!! ~Suzanne in Canada, Yours in Health~
Suzanne B

Hi Narelle, I have just tried the New “Probiotic Household Cleaner” and I am so amazed at just how fantastic it is. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic Conference and I am so privileged to have been a part of it. I am only fairly new in the company. However, everyone that I continue to meet makes me feel as though I have known them forever. You really have made the very best products in the world and there definitely is no comparison. I just want to get back and start cleaning again….This is great!
Loretta C
QLD, Australia

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