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Skin Care Reviews

Just wishing to express my thanks for your wonderful products and also your generous service to me as a customer. I have been using the Miessence skin care products for about 3 or 4 years now and have not found any products that compare to them. Having sensitive and problem skin I have found it impossible to find products that don’t leave my skin tight, itchy or irritated. The Miessence range of products have great results, leaving my skin feeling relaxed, clean and not over oily. I also very much appreciate your great customer service, with products delivered quickly and discount benefits for being a customer. Thank you very much.
M. Walker

I would just like to congratulate Miessence for creating a natural, environmentally friendly and effective range of products. I have suffered from acne prone skin since my teens and have found that mainstream products may cure the problem in the short term, but after a month my skin is back to breaking out. I have tried your Balancing range and purifying range and find that the balancing range is perfect as it still provides me with the moisture i need in certain areas. I adore the purifying mask and garnet scrub and find that my skin is brighter and soft after using. All the ingredients in the products are there to help and nurture the skin. I look forward to trying more products. THANKYOU

Thank you ! I ordered the purifying cleanser last week i absolutely love it. It came in in three days, i was so excited to try your products .I had a bad skin reaction to over counter products that i thought was natural and part organic .My skin is usually oily but due to the skin reaction which turned my face red ,extremely dry ,itching and flaking that was very painful for a week .The first day i tried your product my skin was still so dry and tight even after i cleanse it with the purifying cleanser. The next day the red on my face was gone ! i still had dry flaking skin .I continued using the purifying cleanser ,within three days of using miessence my skin has cleared up.Today is day six and my face is glowing .Thank you ONEgroup for saving my skin !
Deborah Miles
United States

My daughter bought the trial size shaving set for me I found it excellent the razor just glides without cuts of any kind. The after shave balm is very good it doesn’t give any irritation or rashes.
Giovanni Bertoldi
United Kingdom

To the creators of miessence, Thankyou from the very bottom of my dermis. Not in all my 42 years has my skin LOOKED and felt SO GOOD. Everyone has commented on skin.My wrinkles have all but disappeared, my pores have shrunk to microscopic size, the pimples and black heads have gone, and for the first time in my adult life i have applied foundation and not washed it off, and with stuning results and beautifull comments from friends and family. I was at the end of my tether with promises and wasting money on products, natural and chemical that promised gold and delivered brass. I have done nothing but brag about the Miessence product samples i purchased,the products were delivered within 48 hours of ordering this also impreesed me. Once again, I thankyou for truly impresive products. I will be purchasing these beautifull products in the future.
Christina Jones

Rejuvinating Cleanser. I am a new Independent Representative who wanted to try the products before I recommended them to others. I ordered and used the Rejuvinating Cleanser for a short period. As I was not now using it regularly I offered it to my wife. She is my greatest critic in my trying to use material on and in my body that is not detrimental to me. You can imagine my surprise when, first she used it and, secondly when she announced that “The bumps on my chin have disappeared.”
Billy P
New Zealand

Miessence Balancing Skincare Range: I would just like to let you know how impressed I am with the products I have purchased. I recently purchased the cleanser, skin conditioner and moisturiser of the Balancing range. Previously, I had a terrible breakout that lasted a month. It affected my confidence and as a mum with preschool drop offs and pickups I couldn’t simply hide at home. Finally I had enough and a friend who is a regular miessence user had recommended the range to me. Within two days my skin improved, it is now 4 days later and the mojority of my blemishes have reduced to pink marks a shade darker than skin tone, or are close to being pink. I wish more people could learn about the range from ONEgroup. Sincere Thanks.
Natasha Davidson
ACT, Australia

It was so nice to receive your personal card in the mail. I am so estatic about the skin care products that I have been using for the past 4 weeks. People have noticed the difference. I am an “acne survivor”. For the past 23+ years I have suffered. I took all types of antibiotics and used all types of topicals. I even was on BrandX Acne Medication twice. Once I finished BrandX Acne Medication the acne returned. Over the last three years I was getting pimples that were huge nodules on my face with about eight openings. Sometimes they would just ooze on their own. It got so bad that last year when I was in one of my patient’s room (8 year old girl) she said to her mom ” what happened to her face”. You see, I am a paediatrician who knows first hand how cruel people can be. If it was not for sports when I was growing up, my self confidence would have been in my boots. Now, my life is awesome! I am 38 years old and I get acne facials regularly. Something that I have been doing over the past two years. Even my estetician commented last week as she noticed the obvious difference and had less extractions to do.
Allison Tyrrell

I’ve been SO overwhelmed with the difference to my skin since I started using the product – and that was only about 6 weeks ago. It’s looking so much better and feeling better. I used to have to lather on moisturiser (I used BrandX because I have rosatia from food allergies) morning and night and my skin still got dried out but with the miessence moisturiser I’ve only used it once a day and my skin’s continuing to get better. I should write an ad! The only thing that annoyed me was that when I was away for 5 weeks OS I decanted a little bit of the amazing cleanser and lovely toner into little bottles and the horrible woman at customs took them away from me! I was particularly cross ’cause they were new bottles so she threw away nearly 100ml of each! Anyway, it meant I had moisturiser only – and my skin was still lovely! Now I’m back on the full regime it’s better again and I literally can’t stop touching where my crows feet used to be to feel how lovely and smooth my skin is. I think I’ve got about 5 – 10 years back! Anyway, thank you for such a lovely product. I’ll need to have a party myself so I can spread the love!
Kirsten Woodwood

Before becoming a Food Scientist I worked as a Beauty Therapist for many years and used various high tech professional salon and retail beauty products on my skin. The products produced good results at first but gradually my skin started break down and become very sensitive with dry red patches even though I have a generally oily skin. A Naturopath suggested that I use more natural products on my skin. I was reluctant to change at first as like most women I wanted my skin to look youthful and was afraid that organic products may not give me results I was after. I am happy to say that I am getting great results using the miessence Purifying skin care range in conjunction with the Probiotic Skin Brightener. I no longer have the dry red patches, my skin feels soft, looks refined and definitely has the glow that I was wanting.
Wanda Perkin

‘…after telling us about her chemo therapy for cancer, I asked her to place a drop of Ambrosia Essence on her face where she had 3 red and irritated spots. A week later … she couldn’t believe her face didn’t show any sign of the terrible sores we saw a week earlier. Such powerful healing properties in a tiny bottle.’
NSW, Australia

My parcel with the miessence products just arrived yesterday and I was so excited to try them out. The Ambrosia Essence was amazing!!! I used to have really soft smooth facial skin until a couple of years ago, due to stress at work, have had eczema on my face intermittently. I had been taking courses of oral steroid and dependent on steroid creams. Last night, I have put the Ambrosia essence on my eczema patches. I cannot believe that it has soothed the irritated skin immediately and today, the rash has much improved!!! Absolutely loving the Ambrosia Essence and am loving the fact that it’s organic and I know that it’s safe for my skin! Thank you miessence! Please continue with your research into producing more products!
Liza O
Hong Kong

A fellow mom loaned me her Balancing Cleanser, skin conditioner, and moisturizer to try over a four-day period. I loved them all–they felt so luxurious and smelled divine. When my little trial was up, I had to go back to my old, supposedly “mild, ultra-soothing” cleanser while I waited for my miessence order to arrive. It was then that I noticed what a difference the Miessence products made. My old cleanser, which I had always thought was excellent, left my skin dry, with a reddish tint. I can’t wait for my new products to arrive!
Kathleen C
Virginia, United States

I washed my face tonight and used the garnet exfoliant (I LOVE this!), the Rejuvenating Skin Conditioner, and the Balancing Moisturizer. Right after finishing, my 4 year old son (Finn) came into the bathroom and asked what I was doing. I told him I just finished with my face and he asked if I used “the leaf stuff”…then he wanted to smell my face. I leaned in really closely and he took a big sniff and said, “mmmmm, I LIKE that!”
United States

Just wanted to let you know something – as I’m almost 50 and have had some liver damage, I have the occasional brown spot on my skin. They are permanent and I’ve not really worried about them. There’s one on my hand and when I use the Firming Eye and Neck Serum, I pump out a bit onto my hand and then dab around my eyes and use the rest for neck. The spot where I pump onto my hand just happens to be where I have one of those brown spots. I noticed how it was starting to fade and wondered could it have anything to do with the serum? Kept doing the same thing and the spot has now disappeared altogether. Have one on my face and I’m using a little serum to see what happens and it has definitely faded. It was obviously different after only one week and a month later it’s very light, so I’m hoping it will disappear altogether in a few months.
Jan W
NSW, Australia

I really, really like the blemish gel. It worked so fantastic on my face just over night that it was unreal.
Oregon, United States

My boyfriend gave me as a gift, Miessence moisturizer for normal to combination skin and I love it. I can feel the difference in only two days. I used to work for a major cosmetic house for over a year and all the face moisturizer gave me skin irritation. They smell like alcohol and they were very strong. I’m glad I found something so natural. I will pass it onto everyone I know. Love your product.
Janisse S
Florida, USA

STAR PRODUCT! My skin is softer and smoother and my scar is not as raised and it’s just been 7 days of application of the Ambrosia Essence. The products are certified organic, which gives me peace of mind. I know I am not using products that may contain harmful chemicals. My skin texture is smoother and acne and blemishes have subsided. My hair has also recovered from the dryness caused by colouring since using the shampoo and conditioner. I am also using the toothpaste, Blemish Gel, Body Wash, and the the set of skin care regime.

For many years ( 20 or so) I have suffered from adult acne, especially cyst type acne around my cheek and jaw area. I have had some success short term but nothing that kept my skin improving. I discovered miessence 12 months ago and at first my skin reacted and I had more redness but was advised to keep going and allow my skin to detoxify. I continued using a combination of soothing products and rejuvenating profile, masks, and the beautiful serums. Members of my family had not seen me for 4 months and couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance over that time. 12 months down the track I am still seeing improvement. I no longer have lumpy cysts break out, my puffiness has gone and my scarring is gradually improving. I love the fact that this is being achieved without harsh products that strip my skin. I will definitely continue to use miessence skin care products…they are just wonderful!
Linda T
VIC, Australia

After only a little more than a month of using the Miessence organics products, I can hardly believe the differene in my skin! It looks and feels better, with a clean feeling like I’ve never experienced before. My pores appear smaller, and the Garnet Exfoliant has just about completely gotten rid of the bumps in my skin by opening the clogged pores. Even the cosmetics have a light, clean feeling. Great products! Well worth what I paid for them. They are not an extravagance, they are a necessity!

My skin took a dramatic shift once I started using the miessence products. It went from bumpy and uneven to smooth and glowing. I look forward to washing my face, moisturizing and replenishing because the benefits are so encouraging. We (me and my skin) are in love!

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